Our team reviewed our data from last year to know where we can further support Safety Delta users, and we noticed an increased number of invalid CSD reports due to manipulated survey answers.

These invalid reports not only compromise the accuracy of the Diagnosis but also give the crew an unclear direction in the Dialogue and Development stages – which eventually sap the crew’s motivation in the Safety Delta process.

We believe – as validated by your fellow Safety Delta users’ experiences – that strong office staff engagement plays a crucial role in preventing the said issues.

“But wait, isn’t Safety Delta just a crew thing?” Good question.

Much like Safety Delta is not complete without the three stages, it’s also not fully effective without the involvement of the three key players – the crew members, the on-board officers, and the office.

When the office is actively engaged, it sets the tone for the entire crew. They feel heard, supported, more motivated, and they see Safety Delta as a valuable improvement tool rather than just another ‘check-the-box’ exercise.

So what must the office do? We have several Among Us issues tackling that, and we also have the Shore-based Staff Support Guide. Now we’re diving into the common mistakes to avoid – because while it’s crucial to know the right way to do things, it’s equally valuable to understand the common pitfalls that can hold you back.

3 common office mistakes

Addressing these mistakes will help prevent manipulated CSD answers, crew not speaking up in dialogues, and wrong development focus points.

1. Believing false perfect scores

No, CSD does not stand for ‘Crew Safety Distortion’; it stands for ‘Crew Safety Diagnosis’. Perfect scores in the CSD report put you in the ‘La-la Land’ dreamland, a world where you’re comfortable with the illusion of perfection. We dare say – and we think you’ll agree with us – that a perfect vessel does not really exist.

With a perfect CSD report, the Development stage also becomes fluffy because the crew won’t have something to focus on. But when your report reflects honest answers, you can then see the true conditions on board and uncover areas for improvement.

Read more about the ‘dark side’ of exceptional CSD scores here.

So what can the office do? Here are some best practices:

Explain that the CSD survey aims for honest answers, not correct or ‘vetting’ answers.
Ask the crew, “Where do you want to improve? What will be our development focus?”
Improve the Safety Delta onboarding process for newcomers so they understand the concept. We know that passing the baton every time there’s a crew change can be challenging, so we will support you by giving free training and familiarisation to the newcomers.

Here’s a related inspiring story of office involvement:

Vessel Manager at one of our Safety Delta clients

One of the vessels of this client received a CSD report with perfect scores. The Vessel Manager knew they could not simply accept the report. He wanted truthful and realistic answers, so he asked the crew to redo the survey.

To facilitate this, he asked the Master to explain the Safety Delta concept and purpose to the crew and told him to assign a junior officer who would help explain the questions when needed.

This proves that this Vessel Manager and the company are not just about collecting data for show. They invest time and effort to learn about the safety culture aboard their vessels and drive meaningful change.

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