April 26, 1986 was a day that changed thousands of lives forever.

What was believed to be safe, reliable, and state-of-the-art

… led to the worst nuclear disaster in history.

A nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl power plant exploded and unleashed 500 times as much radiation as the bomb used on Hiroshima.

This happened almost four decades ago, in a different industry, yet it unveiled something that resonates with many of us – the consequences of complacency.

Overconfidence, complacency, and denial

“1 in 10,000 years” was how one government official described the odds of a nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl plant. Two months later, the disaster happened.

Overconfidence led the officials to be complacent about safety measures and even downplay near-misses before the accident.

Similarly, in the world of Safety Delta, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing all is well because the numbers say so.

Having exceptional scores in the Crew Safety Diagnosis (CSD) report makes it tempting to live in “La-la Land” – a world where we’re comfortable with the illusion of perfection.

However, the Chernobyl disaster is a stark reminder that when we deny problems, we deny ourselves the opportunity to make things better and avoid bigger problems.

A space where you can be imperfect

We live in a world that pursues, praises, and trusts “perfect.”

Heck, some parents out there would scold their child for being top 2 in school – because top 1 is the goal.

In schools, workplaces, social media, and many other places, “perfect” is the goal. Even in the maritime industry, we have audits and vetting where we aim for excellent scores.

The external pressures and perhaps the worry about how low scores could affect the vessel, the company, or your reputation and career make it tempting to trust exceptional CSD scores.

While we understand these concerns, we also want to emphasize that acknowledging potential issues is the first step towards safety.

We’ve learned from the Chernobyl disaster and many other accidents (think “the unsinkable” Titanic) that perfect is just an illusion. It’s La-la Land. And it’s a dangerous place to be in.

Now, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a space where you can throw away the burden of flawless expectations and just be honest?

Would that make you feel liberated? Empowered? Closer to reality?

Safety Delta offers you that space. Use this program to build a culture that thrives on honesty, openness, and the truth.

CSD survey and dialogue: Protected means of communication

“What is the cost of lies?”

That haunting question is asked by one of the main characters in the miniseries “Chernobyl,” which is based on the historical event.

That line speaks to the dangers of dishonesty and the importance of truth. In an industry where misinformation can have catastrophic consequences, the cost of lies is immeasurable.

That’s why in the CSD survey, we advocate for honest answers. After all, we know there is no perfect vessel – it simply doesn’t exist.

Let’s drill down on what the CSD survey really is.

Treat the CSD survey and the dialogues as protected means of communication.

When everyone can honestly voice their feedback and opinions, you will know the real safety condition of the vessel, make improvements, and avoid bigger problems.

And think about this – what else would that mean for you? Perhaps a good reputation, promotion, or more clients for your company.

At the end of the day, the CSD report is about turning the numbers into opportunities for learning and improvement.

Will you be a hero?

The Chernobyl disaster was a tragedy, but it’s also a story of heroism. Among the many heroes were the people who dared to seek and speak the truth.

Your vessel and company also need such heroes. Will you be one?

In our next issue of Among Us in October, we’ll tackle actionable tips to help you conduct the Diagnosis and Dialogue stages with openness so you can make the most of your Safety Delta journey. We’re going to focus on the responsibilities of the vessel managers, who play a pivotal role in the ships’ safety.

Keep an eye on your inbox for our October issue!

Happy anniversary!

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