Experts in the Human Element in Shipping

Green-Jakobsen A/S is a maritime consultancy offering ship owners, operators, ship management companies and maritime entities a unique combination of skillsets that encompasses all aspects of managing the human element in shipping.

With a compass as its emblem, Green-Jakobsen’s team sets a firm course for you by analysing, diagnosing and then improving the safety mindset, leadership and human resource performance of your people on shore and at sea.

We do this by using our combined decades of experience with proven, custom-made programs fitting your company culture that focus on the human element to improve performance and ultimately your bottom line.

By balancing industry knowhow with out-of-box thinking, we transform strategy into daily work by using tangible tools which we co-design with you, implement alongside you on board and in the office and then measure how effective we have been together.

Green-Jakobsen specialists accompany you every step of the way - they are your guarantee.

What makes the Green-Jakobsen approach different? Diversity. Authenticity.

Our strength lies with our people. We have a highly creative, motivated and talented group of individuals who combine their academic, seafaring and business experience and who also have mutual respect for each other’s opinions and ideas. In other words, we live by our policy of diversity and inclusion.

We have proven time and again that we are capable of working through all layers of maritime organisations – on shore and at sea – to tangibly improve human performance.

We also have total belief in our ideas and stick by them. We have found that our down-to-earth approach is what clients like about us, especially the seafarers.

Green-Jakobsen's values

People are the essence of our focus
People and their environment are in the centre, – the focal point for everything we do. We want to move people and strive to get the best out of them.
Considerate cooperation creates viable solutions
We have respect for the people we work with, both ourselves and the clients, and value intimacy and consideration, which can contribute to the creation of long-lasting solutions.
Holistic approach ensures sustainable solutions
We want to achieve sustainable performance improvement and therefore we take multiple factors and considerations into account.
Uniqueness stimulates innovative thinking
Our solutions are tailored to meet the clients’ needs and conditions, which urges us to strive for constant development and creativity.

Our staff

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