When your CSD report has low scores

Many of you know what it is like to receive a CSD report. The first thing you see is the scores. But what if the scores are low?

It appears that on board some vessels, the crew feels uncomfortable and wavering/uncertain when they get a CSD report with low scores. It raises questions like:

Why have we got so low scores?
Are we really as bad as the results say?
What will the office say about the low scores?
How will the on-board leaders react to the low scores?

What should we do? - involve and discuss

Handling low scores can be sensitive and difficult. Therefore, people often ask us: What should we do about the low scores?

Our suggestion is to involve the crew and discuss the low scores during the crew dialogue:

Why do you think the scores are low?
Can you give examples from your work that clarify the low scores?
What ideas do you have that can help us improve the low score area(s)?
In what other areas are we doing well?

By involving the crew in the discussion and analysis of the scores, the on board leaders show that they are open to crew feedback and genuinely interested in the crew’s opinions and views. This is an important step towards creating an open and trusting atmosphere on board.


Safety Delta is about developing the safety culture, not about getting high scores

“My Captain now doesn’t mind if we get low scores in the CSD. What’s important to him is that we put our honest answer.”



How NOT to handle low scores

It is our impression that many on-board leaders do a good job handling the low scores in a constructive and positive manner. However, also a few worrying stories have reached us:

One unfortunate crew member has shared this story, which shows how handling low scores in a poor manner can have severe consequences.

The Superintendent came on board and asked all crew why we have a very low score in the CSD report. The Captain answered on our behalf and told the superintendent that we did not understand the questions.  Honestly, I understand the questions, I did not speak anymore.”

The Captain’s reaction is very concerning, as it undermines the crew’s answers and disclaims the entire CSD report. The reaction is counterproductive in terms of establishing an open and trusting culture where the crew dare speak up and answer the survey honestly.

Appreciate the low scores

In our view, low scores should actually be appreciated: Low scores are a sign of a healthy and honest culture, where the crew dare answer honestly and be critical towards their own safety culture.

So, next time you get a CSD report with low scores, look at it as an honest foundation for discussing and identifying relevant development initiatives together with the crew.

Safety Delta familiarisation via webinar

Safety Delta is committed to making the experience of our customers and end-users meaningful and lasting through constant innovation. Our latest update to Safety Delta is a free webinar designed to familiarise officers and office staff with Safety Delta, thus enabling them to fulfil their important roles in Safety Delta confidently, properly, and effectively.

The webinar also serves as a refresher for officers and office staff whose companies have been subscribing to Safety Delta for some time.

Clear understanding advances proper and effective execution

When officers clearly understand what Safety Delta is, how it works, and why it is important, they will be able to drive Safety Delta on board successfully. The same goes for office staff. Only when they have a clear understanding of the why, what, and how of their roles, they will be able to give their full support and active engagement.



Officers and office staff, take advantage of the webinar

During the webinar, we will talk about the importance of Safety Delta and take you through the roles and responsibilities during Diagnosis, Dialogue and Development.

What is more, we will give you an opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences, concerns, and challenges regarding Safety Delta.

To inquire about upcoming webinars or request for a familiarisation webinar, please contact the Safety Delta Admin Team via: safety.delta@green-jakobsen.com.ph

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