Have you ever looked at your CSD report and said, “Some of these scores are incorrect”?

When this happens, clients often point to the reason being…

“The survey questions are confusing. That’s why the answers and scores are incorrect.”

We designed the survey in such a way that it would help the crew to reflect and give their own opinion. We have also made adjustments over the years, especially to the questions for the new safety areas, which are made simpler and more straightforward.

Now, we understand that you may be concerned about scores and exact measurements.

We know that low scores may bring uncomfortable thoughts like…

The truth is, it’s not about the numbers. Let us dive a little deeper into the real purpose of the CSD survey and report.

A tool for reflection and review, NOT for audit

With Safety Delta, we are doing something the industry is not used to. While many focus on audits where ‘correct’ answers are expected, we focus on ‘honest’ answers and reflection.

By having an outlet for honest feedback, you are able to:

Uncover issues that may not come up in regular meetings
Take a comprehensive look at the safety performance on board your vessel – how the crew perceive it
Stimulate reflections that you can use to drive meaningful changes and developments
Act proactively on issues that could lead to accidents

Take inspiration from these comments. . .

The different opinions of the seniors and the juniors and the ratings have surprised us. Some vessels also had surprisingly low scores – lower than the usual Utkilen standard. But then you have to not use this as a KPI and go on board the vessels straight away – because that is the gut instinct that you get: ‘Okay, I have to go on board and talk to these guys.’ It is vital to use this as a management tool and an improvement tool to make sure they talk about the issues rather than be KPI-fixated.”
Roy Haare - Quality and Sustainability Manager at Utkilen
It helps people like us who are willing to be corrected as we want to continuously grow as a person and a seafarer.”
- Junior Officer at Navigator Gas
Safety Delta gives each and every crew member the chance to anonymously give feedback that might improve the day-to-day work on board or at shore.”
- Rating / Cadet at TORM

Remember to. . .

Keep an open mind – Welcome the opportunity to learn more about matters you may not be aware of.

Involve the crew in the discussions – Ask questions like “How do you think we are doing in these areas?” “What ideas do you have that can help us improve in these areas?”

Build a learning culture, not a blame culture – Focus on harnessing learning opportunities rather than finding out whom to blame or reprimand.

Some SDLL topics that will help you:

Being open to different opinions
Encouraging crew to speak up
On-board learning and development

At the end of the day, it’s not about getting high scores or exact measurements. But turning those numbers into opportunities for learning and improvement.

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