Complies with numerous TMSA 3 requirements

Safety Delta provides you with a starting point for a changed safety performance and makes it possible for you to meet many of the requirements in the TMSA 3 in one solution. It has a different approach, the crews have to communicate more, and are empowered to contribute actively – a great difference to just following procedures.

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In the meantime you can get an overall introduction to Safaty Delta in the video below. Follow seafarer John’s “voyage”:

How it works: The 3-phased cycle - Diagnosis, Dialogue and Development

This makes a difference not only for safety – it will make a difference in the overall performance – I believe it will. So, in six months’ time it will relieve my job as a vessel manager because we have empowered the crew and they can take responsibility themselves.
Rasmus Snejbjerg - Vessel Manager at TORM

Diagnosis - an auto-generated safety condition report

The crew provides anonymous input to the Crew Safety Diagnosis report via a survey.

The Crew Safety Diagnosis report:

Is auto-generated and provides the crew with an instant mirror of the safety performance as it is perceived by the crew
Offers a written feedback allowing the crew to work proactively on improvements
Analyses 6 safety performance areas and evaluates 5 critical safety behaviours

Dialogue - put safety on the agenda and create an open atmosphere

The only persons who truly experience the safety performance on board are the crew members involved in the daily tasks. They are also the persons to make corrections or changes, if needed. The best dialogue will happen in an open atmosphere.

The dialogue:

Helps crew to discuss what to stop doing, start doing or what to do more of
Helps ensure a competent dialogue resulting in the ability to decide upon potential corrective actions
Helps officers develop an open and assertive safety culture among all crew members

Development - empower seafarers to build a stronger safety culture, step by step

The Crew Safety Diagnosis report and the structured dialogue that takes place afterwards help identify focus areas that need improvement or development.

Safety Delta provides a platform called Safety Delta Learning Library. It provides a wide choice of learning and development tools, best practice methods and ideas to:

Support the onboard crew to manage the identified learning and improvement needs
Make ready-to-use training modules available, including instructor guidelines and ideas for practical exercises
Engage in safety games challenging crew's knowledge and understanding
Expand safety competencies of the seafarers to become stronger safety culture carriers
Safey Delta is a natural progression if you are running safety campaigns. It follows through with the Safety I's, the board game, etc. It is a huge strength that it builds on what we have already done.
Henrik Bisbo - General Manager, Crewing Operations, Safety & Training at China Navigation

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It’s good because I can see that we need to do the dialogue, it is boosting the morale of crew and Junior officers. And it builds up the confidence of the crew.
- Captain at Ultraship
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