Receiving the CSD report is, as always, the starting point for the development lying ahead of you. To give you an easy overview of the results of the survey the report is designed with graphics on the first page.

The first graph has the headline SAFETY CONDITION INDICATION. Hence, it gives you a good indication of the results for each of the five safety areas. That’s a good start. But not enough.

Only page 1?

Apart from the 1-page overview the CSD report contains a more detailed report section with feedback for each safety area.

But often, crew, officers and office staff tend to focus only on the 1-page overview.

Why is that not so good?

Because in some cases, the crew and officers make wrong or incor-rect interpretations of the culture because they only look at page 1. If they had looked at the specific feedback provided in the detailed report they would have found a better explanation of what the problem really is and where improvement is needed.

Let us give you an example

Several vessels experience that they get low(er) scores in the cultivator:

Leaders’ ability to give clear direction

Some officers and crew misinterpret this and make the faulty conclusion that the leaders give poor instructions.

However, when reading the detailed report, this proves to be wrong. Because here it states that:

Most of the time leaders give clear instructions on how to work safely
Leaders often have more focus on getting the job done than on safety
The safety level varies too much depending on the person in charge

Get the true story

In other words, the reason for the low(er) scores in the cultivator ‘Leaders ability to give clear directions’, is not due to poor instructions from the leaders. Rather, the issue at hand is that the safety level and the safety standard vary too much and depend on the person in charge.

In addition to this, it seems to be more important to get the job done (commercial pressure?) than to get the job done safely.

The feedback gives you the details about where to focus

The example shows the importance of reading the feedback in the detailed report as this gives the crew and officers a much better indication of what could be improved

Use the right learning materials based on the report feedback

Finally, the development stage should also be based on the report feedback. Here, it is important to remember that for each bullet point in the feedback section the Learning Library contains a set of relevant learning materials and activities that can help you improve on the issues that need attention.

Don't waste time and effort on wrong assumptions

Read the full report carefully and get the right information
Ensure a focused dialogue about the right issues
Spend your time right and work on the most relevant development subjects

Keep up the good work with Safety Delta.

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