Resilient safety cultures demand dialogue and collaboration. Although most crew members, especially leaders, may be aware of this safety principle, translating it into action is still challenging. It is not enough for a safety culture tool like Safety Delta to just inspire meaningful conversations about on-board safety. Instead, the safety culture tool itself should trigger the talks.

Therefore, as an extra help to the crews’ safety talks we introduce improvements to the Crew Safety Diagnosis (CSD) Report. These new features make it easier to analyse the scores and provide more specific discussion points to set safety culture dialogues in motion.

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1. Highest and lowest scores

The Detailed report now specifies the highest and lowest scoring questions for the safety area. Guide questions about these results are also included.

How to use this feature:

You may begin the dialogue by highlighting the highest and lowest scores. Afterwards, ask the guide questions to trigger the discussions among the participants.

2. Rank scores per question

The new Report also shows the average scores per rank for each question. The average score for Senior Officers is marked by a square, for Junior Officers by a triangle, and for Ratings a diamond.

How to use this feature:

Perception on a key safety issue may vary across ranks. For example, Senior Officers might think the vessel is good at handling time pressure on the job, while the Ratings perceive it to be needing improvement.

If the crew are not on the same page, it can be difficult for them to collaborate during emerging situations. Hence, perception gaps should be addressed before any undesirable event can happen. Looking at the rank scores per question as well as the spread of answers (grey bar) can help the crew identify these perception gaps.

3. Guide questions

When an average score is in the Improve zone (yellow region), some guide questions are added after the description of the result. The guide questions are NOT similar to any of the survey questions. Instead, these guide questions challenge the crew to reflect on related factors in order to analyse the issue further.

How to use this feature:

Since guide questions are already provided, the crew can directly analyse the scores. The crew may discuss the guide questions to gather more insight and examine the safety culture issue in more detail. By discussing the guide questions, the crew can agree on specific development targets.

People are still the key

At the end of the day, tools are only tools -- people are still the centre of the safety solution. But if we provide our people with the effective tools and develop their safety behaviours, they can be our greatest safety culture assets.

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