The Crew Safety Diagnosis (CSD) Report is a central tool in the Safety Delta process. It gives insight into the current safety culture on board and offers the opportunity to work with safety in a focused and determined way.

In this issue of Among Us, we give you TIPS and TRICKS about how to analyse the CSD Report.





1. Be familiar with the structure of the CSD Report.


The CSD Report has four parts: the cover page, the summary, the detailed report, and the SDLL overview. The most relevant data are found in the Detailed report for each safety area. Use the information from these pages to talk about the vessel’s safety performance.

2. Identify trends and connections among scores.

Look for interesting points such as the lowest and highest scores, links between the scores as well as the spread of answers (grey bar).  Identify possible reasons some gave a high and some a low score for the same question.

The crew reports that toolbox talks are often held,  but team communication is still perceived to be poor. What can be emphasised during toolbox talks to ensure effective team communication during the job?

3. Keep an open mind.

The CSD Report might reveal unexpected results. This offers a great opportunity to learn more about the points we may not be aware of and expand our perspective when we discuss the issues, for example at safety meetings, and engage in development initiatives that are directly linked to the report insights.

The main purpose of the CSD
report is to have a good dialogue and give crew the opportunity to reflect on the vessel’s safety performance – not to criticise low scores.




To learn more about reading and analysing reports, please download the complete guide.


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