We have set the date for the 2023 Safety Delta Annual Meeting and look forward to seeing all our Safety Delta clients at this event.  This year, the meeting will be held in Copenhagen and it will be our absolute pleasure to have you here again. We hope to see you on March 8th, 2023.

You may register* already now for the full day meeting. (please disregard that the registration states ‘webinar’)

Venue: Green-Jakobsen’s new premises in Copenhagen – Rahbeks Alle 21, Frederiksberg

Date: 8th March 2023, 08:30 – 17:00

*Invitations will be sent to all clients and Safety Delta interested parties.

If you are interested in participating but has not received an invitation, please contact us at safety.delta@green-jakobsen.com.ph


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For questions or concerns, you may contact the Safety Delta Admin Team

You may e-mail your questions about the Annual Meeting to: safety.delta@green-jakobsen.com.ph 


We are currently finetuning the agenda under the headline:

Continuous dialogue – How can we help each other make Safety Delta better?

This is what it looks like so far. More details will come on this page and the final agenda will be sent to all participants prior to the meeting.

1) What has happened since we met last time

Learnings from the vast amount of Safety Delta data; updates; feedback from clients and their vessels

2) Crew competencies we wish to develop

Present and future requirements for crew competencies and how Safety Delta helps and what we need to develop further

 3) Developing Safety Delta

Sharing experiences among new and long-established and fairly new clients: what should we do more of; what should we develop?

4) Safety Delta in relation to SIRE 2.0, RightShip and human factors in the maritime industry

How Safety Delta relates to industry guidelines and what are the new modules that accommodate new requirements.
(Group session according to industry segments)

Next available start date
8:30 am


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