Maritime training needs are evolving. Right now, there is an increased focus and demand for human factors training and other key soft skills learning tools. The Safety Delta team at Green-Jakobsen recognises this trend and helps Safety Delta users keep their skills up to date.

That is why we now offer four new safety areas as part of the Safety Delta tool. These safety areas will be included in the diagnosis survey, which can then be the bases for the dialogues. Finally, training materials and activities on these subjects will also be available in the Safety Delta Learning Library to aid with crew skills development.


Here are the four new Safety Delta safety areas and what they cover:

Critical equipment

Crew members operate and interact with various types of equipment to complete on-board tasks. To ensure safe and efficient use of the critical equipment, all crew must be aware of its purpose and understand its usage. They should also be capable of assessing the quality and maintaining the equipment in good working condition.

Through the Critical Equipment safety area, the crew can improve their knowledge of the safety-critical equipment assigned to them. By identifying improvement needs in the design and controls of the equipment as well as in its interactions with the crew, human errors in the use of the critical equipment can be minimised.

Tasks and procedures

In the maritime industry, there has been greater emphasis on work as done versus work as imagined. Basically, this means that the work described in the procedures, checklists, and other documented guidelines, and the actual work as done are rarely the same. The circumstances during the actual work may push the crew to improvise ways of working which could be different from the work as imagined.

Through the safety area Tasks and Procedures, we can take a closer look at how work is done and tackle the underlying conditions and hard-to-use systems that can cause human error. In this way, we may reduce the likelihood of incidents.

Emerging situations

The crew perform the routine and normal shipboard operations based on standard procedures and guidelines. However, they also often face various emerging situations brought about by the weather, sea conditions, introduction of new equipment or work procedures, and others. Having the ability to adapt and respond to these emerging situations allows the crew to be better at maintaining safe operations.

The Emerging Situations safety area targets the crew’s ability to recognise and intervene in unsafe situations caused by factors such as fatigue and stress. This safety area also aligns the team’s ability to recover from incidents.

Proactive and reactive learning

Effective learning happens in the actual work even when everything seems to go well. The crew should be routinely involved in identifying potential risks and ways to make tasks safer. They should also be capable of making safety reports and capture the learning from things that go wrong.

In Proactive and reactive learning, the on-board culture’s ability to learn before and after incidents is assessed, discussed, and developed. This safety area focuses on involving all crew members in promoting safety and performance on board.

New learning modules under these four safety areas will soon be available. Be sure to subscribe to Among Us to be informed of upcoming releases.

Happy 4th Safety Delta-versary, Stenersen!

Stenersen has been a Safety Delta user since 2018. Thank you, Stenersen, for trusting Safety Delta to help develop a proactive safety culture on board your vessels.

“The ratings really like it (Safety Delta). Now they can discuss topics they never dare to raise... There’s still a long way to go, but now we really see the effect (of Safety Delta).”
Stian Naess Haugland - HR Manager at Stenersen AS
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