In the past, “safety culture” was not a commonly used term for most industries including the maritime sector. Safety culture tools seemed to address subjects as fickle as the sea itself, and on-board trainings were not a natural part of work life: nice to have but not really necessary.

So why go the extra (nautical) mile? A persistent seaman’s simple answer is: Because we can. But allow us to give you more reasons as to why developing the on-board safety culture through tools like Safety Delta is worth it.

1. Improved crew perception

Year on year comparison of Safety Delta reports for two clients shows a noticeable growth in the on-board safety culture as observed by the crew. Key indicators of a strong safety culture move from the critical and improve zones to the reinforce region over the years (Figures 1 and 2). The on-board crew see and experience the benefits of integrating Safety Delta activities into the safety culture.

Fig 1: The progression report for TORM shows a positive trend in the safety performance as perceived by the crew. 


Fig 2. Similarly, Ultraship’s crew have reported improvements in the safety culture after Safety Delta was started in 2017. 

2. More engagement and activities on board

With the Safety Delta programme, the crew have easy access to training materials that target weak points in the safety culture. #SafetyDeltaMoments shared by the crew themselves demonstrate how these materials are used in the development initiatives conducted on board. Engaging in these activities not only helps the crew sharpen their safety skills and practices but also results to more collaboration among them.

3. Positive user experience

Many Safety Delta users – from ratings to senior officers and even office staff – have echoed the benefits of having Safety Delta on board.

Safety Delta gives us a chance to discuss safety and come up with our viewpoints and creates a better dialogue.” - CADET
Safety Delta is much better made and has a higher quality and a lot easier to deal with. It is at a level where everyone can participate. For the crew who are to receive the learnings, there is less to read and that helps a lot.” - CAPTAIN
Safety Delta is a natural progression if you are running safety campaigns. It follows through with the Safety I's, the board game, and the other tools it provides. It is a huge strength that it builds on what we have already done.” - CREWING AND SAFETY GENERAL MANAGER

Maximise the benefits of Safety Delta

To facilitate the Safety Delta cycle more easily on your vessels, try Safety Delta Building Blocks. In this feature, Safety Delta users can select just one or some safety areas to work on for the cycle instead of having all safety areas at once. This means that the Diagnosis survey contains fewer questions, so the crew can thoroughly assess them. Consequently, their answers can show a more reliable evaluation of the on-board safety culture.

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