John was a new crew member, and when he found out about Safety Delta being implemented on board, he got excited.

John was positive that Safety Delta was going to be a game changer for them.

Or so he thought.

At the time he boarded the ship, the crew were already at the Dialogue stage. Those who took the Crew Safety Diagnosis (CSD) survey were already sent home. As a result, John couldn’t fully understand some of the things discussed during the dialogue. Worse, he was too shy to ask questions. The other crew members, on the other hand, were afraid to speak up because some senior officers weren’t happy with the CSD report scores.

Meanwhile, the office staff were preoccupied with their busy schedules. They weren’t able to show much support to the crew and failed to participate in the dialogue and development plan.

Soon, John and the other crew members, including the officers, lost motivation in Safety Delta. And what could have been a ‘game changer’ became ‘just another workload’.

Safety Delta is a 3-way tool – and you could be the missing link

Are you experiencing issues similar to those mentioned above? What if you can change the story?

While it’s not your fault that your Safety Delta cycle does not match your crew change schedule, or that the senior officers are concerned about report scores, or that the office is swamped with tasks…

That does NOT mean you cannot do anything. In fact, it is exactly in those situations that you need to step up your accountability game.

Because your contribution matters.

You see, Safety Delta is a three-way tool. It requires commitment from the crew members, on-board officers, and office staff.

Yes, we provide guides, updated materials, and client support. But you also need to have the desire to learn and develop.

What is your motivation?

If we want to change anything, the most important question is ‘why’.

Why would you want to commit to Safety Delta?

Maybe it’s for that peace of mind knowing everyone on board will be safe.

Or that sense of employment security because clients trust your company as a reliable partner.

Or those warm hugs waiting to welcome you home.

When your ‘why’ is clear, the ‘how’ will come.

Tools are great, but people are still the centre of safety solutions

Below is an actual case of one subscriber who, because of their strong commitment, was able to find the how’s to their challenges.

When Navigator Gas started their first cycle, it was a steep learning curve for them. They also wanted to encourage the crew to be more involved in the dialogues.

So here’s what they did:

💡 Appointed a Safety Delta key driver – This person worked closely with the Safety Delta admin team to ensure the progress of the cycles and assist the crew and office staff in case of challenges.

✅ The result – Increased crew motivation and engagement.

💡 Explored various dialogue set-ups – Now, their dialogues involve two office staff members, two junior officers, and at least two ratings, one each from the deck and engine departments. A top four representative such as the Captain will join only at the beginning and at the end of the session.

✅ The result – The ratings and junior officers now have the opportunity to talk without pressure from the on-board leaders and office top management. This allows the company to promote a more inclusive atmosphere and to better identify important safety challenges.

When the crew clearly understand why we are doing this and feel part of the same team, we get the truth.
Richard Chavez - Vessel Manager HSEQA at Navigator Gas

Are you experiencing issues with Safety Delta?

Click the ‘CONTACT US’ button below and we’ll be sure to respond to your questions or concerns.

One more thing:

If you’re experiencing challenges, it is also a good opportunity for you to actually talk to your colleagues, ask for help, and share ideas on solutions and innovations.

We invite you – and challenge you – to step up. Will you take it on? 😉

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