"If office is not involved, motivation will die."

Dialogue is an important part of the Safety Delta cycle. Not only dialogue on board – also the ship-shore dialogue. We would like to help our Safety Delta customers to greater success in this activity.

Motivation goes down if the shore side is not involved

“I’m not sure if the superintendents are focused on Safety Delta. They don’t talk about it. We talk on the phone from time to time, and it would be nice if they had it on their agenda for these talks. Then we know that they are also concerned about safety and the people on board; that it is not only on the vessel side, and that we are on the same page on Safety Delta. It is difficult if it is only the ship who conducts Safety Delta and there is no follow-up or intervention from the office side.” - Captain

What the vessels experience

During the interviews made recently by Green-Jakobsen with Safety Delta users to learn about their experiences with Safety Delta it became clear that vessels often experience that the superintendents are not sufficiently involved in the Safety Delta process; they are not actively putting Safety Delta on the agenda and they do not take part in the ship-shore dialogue.

The superintendents’ missing engagement can be very critical and have negative effect on the crew motivation for safety; it leaves the vessel with the impression that the vessels’ safety is not important to the shore-based organisation.

Top theme at the annual Safety Delta meeting

Therefore, involvement of the shore-based organisation will be the hot topic of this years’ Annual Safety Delta Community Meeting taking place on 28th May 2019.

Through workshops and presentations, we will help and inspire our clients with ways to involve the shore-based staff. We will discuss roles and responsibili-ties, how the shore-based staff can promote the right mindset and become more engaged in the dialogue with the vessels.

What can Green-Jakobsen do?

For Green-Jakobsen it is very important to support the shore-based staff to become more involved in Safety Delta. Therefore, we are in the process of developing a ‘quick-guide’, a guideline specifically for the superintendents/vessel managers. This ‘quick-guide’ will outline the role of the shore-based staff and pinpoint how they can contribute effectively to the dialogue by suggesting subjects to discuss and questions to make during this dialogue. The guidelines will be supported by open webinars where participants will get the opportunity to discuss the challenges and solutions.

What can you do?

As always, we cherish our clients’ feedback, so therefore we plan to draft these guidelines before the Annual Safety Delta community meeting and distribute it to the participants. Your comments and input are welcomed and will be an important part of the development process of the ‘quick-guide’.

Superintendents have a vital role in safety

”I have a role in relation to safety and we use a tool/system called Safety Delta. But I prefer to regard my own role in correlation with safety, irrespective of the tools we use. My role is to show that the shore-based organisation, especially those of us who go on board the ships, have a significant influence on safety and on how Safety Delta is perceived." - Technical Superintendent
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