The correct answer to this depends on your needs, targets, and preferences. If you picked a, Safety Delta Building Blocks might be the best for you. If you selected b, then the more comprehensive version of Safety Delta is recommended. Read on to learn more.

Throughout the years, Safety Delta has become well-known for giving client shipping companies a comprehensive look at the safety performance on board their vessels. The Crew Safety Diagnosis survey contains questions that ask about all aspects of the safety culture to make sure it is fully examined and assessed.

However, having a thorough questionnaire can also be overwhelming, and sometimes the on-board crew are not keen to sit by the computer for too long!  Due to the so-called survey fatigue, some crew members would rather pick answers randomly than assess the questions carefully. Consequently, the survey results do not capture the crew’s true and honest perception of the safety culture.

On the other hand, choosing a larger number (up to five) of safety areas for the cycles can give a more comprehensive and fuller picture of the present safety culture on board each vessel and the entire fleet. To be able to compare the overall progression from cycle to cycle can be very satisfactory.

As fleet manager, office staff, and overall shore-based supporter, you have the power to choose the Safety Delta version that works best for your vessels based on your fleet’s targets and preferences.

Test your preferences in this little questionnaire:

Show questionnaire.
  1. Our fleet has identified __________ targets. 
    1. few specific
    2. several general
    3. zero
  2. My crew members would most likely say that safety performance surveys are __________.
    1. boring and overwhelming
    2. fun and interesting
    3. unfamiliar and intimidating
  3. My crew members __________ reports. 
    1. prefer short and focused
    2. do not mind reading comprehensive and detailed
    3. are unaware of
  4. Monitoring safety performance progress is __________ for my fleet. 
    1. not a priority
    2. extremely important
    3. not common
  5. My crew members are __________ with Safety Delta. 
    1. familiar
    2. very familiar
    3. not familiar
Reveal results.

Mostly A’s

If you answered mostly A’s, then Safety Delta Building Blocks might be the best for you. In Building blocks, you can pre-select the safety areas to include in the survey. This means that your survey can focus on one or a few safety areas instead of having all safety areas at once. This results to a shorter survey and more focused survey report. Building blocks helps address survey fatigue since the respondents have to answer only a few questions, depending on the number of safety areas you selected. Building Blocks is recommended for fleets which are just getting acquainted with the Safety Delta tool.

Mostly B’s

If you answered mostly B’s, Safety Delta All Areas might work best for your fleet. Your crew are comfortable answering survey questions on all safety areas. By having all safety areas in the survey, you will be able to identify the specific targets for development. Consequently, the report is longer and more comprehensive. If the fleet targets to monitor its safety performance progress, this is recommended since all safety areas will be shown in the report for better annual comparison.

Mostly C’s

It seems that you are not familiar with Safety Delta yet and need help for setting your goals. How about we give you a free trial to get started? Please click here to register.

Battle survey fatigue with Safety Delta Building Blocks

Get a Safety Delta complete look at your vessel’s safety performance

It's your call!

No matter what your needs and preferences are, Safety Delta can adjust for you. It is possible to select among eight (8) safety areas, and you can choose to go for either one or up to five areas in a cycle. This gives the fleet more flexibility and control without compromising proactive safety culture development.

If you are not already acquainted with Safety Delta and want to know more about how you can drive safety performance on your vessels, click here to register for a free trial.

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