As 2021 comes to an end, we thank you — our Among Us readers — for supporting the newsletter and your participation in Safety Delta initiatives. We look forward to another great partnership in the coming year.

In this issue of Among Us, we share the top three Among Us articles and top three #SafetyDeltaMoments.

Top three Among Us issues

1. Giving honest survey answers

Similar to a medical diagnosis, the Crew Safety Diagnosis Survey measures how healthy the safety culture is on board a vessel. It is crucial for all crew to be honest when answering the survey questions. Read more…

2. “It’s not a man thing.”

With the global pandemic and crew change issues in the picture, seafarers are more prone to stress and worries. We encourage our readers to challenge the unhealthy “macho culture” that prevents us from speaking up about mental health issues. Read more…

3. Trigger the talks

Resilient safety cultures demand dialogue and collaboration. Maximise the use of the Crew Safety Diagnosis Reports to ensure meaningful conversations are conducted on board and between ship and shore. Read more…

Top three #SafetyDeltaMoments

Happy holidays!

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