Safety Delta Building Blocks

Previously, we gave you a preview of the developments made to Safety Delta. One of these is the Safety Delta Building Blocks. It is a new feature that allows for greater flexibility and customisation for our clients.

In this issue of Among Us, let us give you the specifics of the Safety Delta Building Blocks feature and how it can benefit you and your fleet.

Accommodating our clients’ needs of the fleet

Feedback from various Safety Delta clients have echoed the fact that not all safety areas are equally important to a fleet – some fleets benefit more from safety leadership training while others from the development of the crew’s health and well-being. Since the company is in the best position to determine the needs of the fleet, it must also be given the chance to decide which Safety Areas the fleet can focus on in the Diagnosis, the Dialogue and the Development.

We want to provide clients with this opportunity, and therefore we are happy to launch the Building Block feature.

Flexibility and focus

One of the key benefits of Safety Delta Building Blocks is the flexibility it gives to Safety Delta users. In the past, Safety Delta seafarers must answer a total of 48 questions that cover all safety areas.

Through the Building Blocks feature, Safety Delta clients can pre-select the Safety Areas to include in the surveys. This means that instead of crew answering survey questions about all safety areas, the client can choose only a number of safety areas to focus on in the survey. The number of survey questions can be reduced to as few as 10 if only one safety area is selected.

No compromise in data quality

The reduced survey will not compromise the quality of the data and neither will it compromise the opportunity of analysing the data over time. The type and number of questions per safety area remain the same. But when the crew only have to answer questions related to two (2) to three (3) safety areas, rather than five (5), the number of questions will be reduced.

How to build the blocks

Before the start of each cycle, the SD liaisons and admin staff will engage with the clients to agree on the safety areas to include in the survey. It is possible to develop a yearly plan to ensure that over the course of a year all safety areas have been diagnosed and developed.

Once an agreement is reached, the SD admin shall prepare the agreed survey for the fleet. The Safety Delta cycle shall proceed as usual: with Diagnosis, Dialogue, and Development.

Benefits to the company, shore staff, officers and crew

Safety Delta Building Blocks reinforces Safety Delta by making it more focused and more efficient in data gathering, and by making it more responsive to client needs.

To the company, the Building Blocks feature means that Safety Delta cycles will be more responsive to the development targets of the fleet.

For sea and shore staff a shorter survey means less survey fatigue and better data quality. The shorter and more focused report will make it easier for readers to digest the insights and discuss and identify areas of improvement.

When can we start?

Starting December 1, 2020, it will be possible for clients to apply the Building Blocks feature and select the safety areas to include in the CSD survey. There are five safety areas at the moment, but the list will expand as new safety areas will be added.

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