Developing the on-board safety culture is at your fingertips. Thanks to the Safety Delta Mobile App, your trusted safety performance tool will become even more accessible.

Read on to know the top three reasons why we are excited about it.

1. Same trusted tool, just more easily accessible

With the Safety Delta App, subscribers can have access to the Safety Delta Learning Library (SDLL) – from the introductory materials to the dialogue sheets and the learning modules.

2. Digital reporting and paperless planning

The Safety Delta Mobile App lets users view the latest CSD Reports and complete and consolidate the dialogue sheets as well as the Safety Delta Development Plan (SDP) on their mobile gadgets. Soon, it will also be possible for the crew to answer the Diagnosis survey using the app. The in-app data gathering and paperless reporting and planning can simplify the execution of the Safety Delta stages.

3. User-friendly interface and streaming function

With the interface, it is easy for users to search for learning materials, watch videos, and get everything they need about Safety Delta.  Using Chromecast, it is also possible to stream the videos to bigger screens for better group learning sessions.

On-going pilot testing

The pilot testing of the Safety Delta Mobile App has started on board some vessels.

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