The 2019 Safety Delta Annual Meeting took place on 28th May

Safety Delta clients, new and ‘old’, were present as were potential clients who are considering if or when to start with Safety Delta in their company.

In this edition of Among us bulletin we give you a summary of the meeting. Read comments and feedback made by the participants during the discussions when you browse the document.

Below is a very short overview of what was discussed during the meeting. If you wish to get more details and participants’ feedback you can access the full summary anytime you want.

1) Follow up from last year's meeting

Based on input from last year’s annual meeting the following initiatives have been taken:

Publishing of Among us bulletin, sharing of ideas and feedback
Elaboration of a shore-based support guide
Safety Delta ambassador training for shore staff, introducing the Safety Delta concept and how it works

2) New initiatives based on seafarers' feedback

More than 40 interviews with seafarers have been carried out. This has given us a number of insights:

Insight 1: Crew change hinders the process.
Solution: Flexible cycles within a 2-month window.
Insight 2: Survey is tricky
Solution: Slight revision/moderation of survey questions
Insight 3: Survey shuts down
Solution: A 3rd option to fill in the survey via Excel
Insight 4: "We have fun during the game and sit together"
Effect: team building effect and mitigation of social isolation
Insight 5: When office does not care, nothing happens
Solution: support to shore staff to become more involved

3) Presentation by Rasmus Snejbjerg, Vessel Manager, TORM

Rasmus Snejbjerg is a Vessel Manager at TORM and we interviewed him about the experiences gained after the first reports have been received. See highlights of the interview in the full article.

4) Presentation and discussion of the Guidebook for shore-based staff

Participants discussed the challenges and positive experiences they have when involving the shore-based staff more in Safety Delta.

Challenges mentioned: workload, not knowing how to use the report, how to focus on safety culture over technical safety issues.

Benefits mentioned: more interventions take place, we have a new communication tool, oil majors appreciate Safety Delta, more and improved ship-shore dialogue.

The overall reaction to the guide was that it’s a brilliant tool supporting the VM/TSI in their Safety Delta communication.

5) Client feedback and improvement ideas

The Safety Delta Learning Library is full of relevant learning materials. How can we get the crews to use the learning materials to a greater extent?

What is good about the learning materials:

Games and videos are fun and engaging
Learning sessions are effective and reflective

But: many crews do not use the full range of materials.

6) Future initiatives

Input from participants

Tablet system compatible with other systems on board
Better filing option of SD documents
Possibility to view learning materials on TV in the mess room
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