Safety Delta Building Blocks can make it easier for the crew to answer the survey

As discussed in the previous issues of Among us, Safety Delta Building Blocks will allow clients to select the safety areas to be included in the survey. This new feature can help make the survey less time consuming and it also simplifies the CSD Report.

Better quality of data

When a survey is too long, the crew might get bored, tired, or uninterested in reading the questions and giving answers. Instead of carefully assessing each question, they might just randomly select the answers just so they can finish taking the survey. In other words, the data that will be collected from them are of poor quality and do not reflect their honest perception of the safety culture on board.

Companies can prevent this by limiting the number of safety areas to be included in the survey through Safety Delta Building Blocks. In the past, it would take a crew member around 20-30 minutes to finish answering the survey. With Safety Delta Building Blocks, it is possible to complete the survey within 10 to 20 minutes. This reduced time makes the task of answering the survey less tiring for the crew.

Safety Delta Building Blocks can lead to shorter and more focused CSD Reports

Since the length of the report relates to the number of safety areas included in the survey, Safety Delta Building Blocks can also make the Crew Safety Diagnosis (CSD) Report shorter and more focused. Previously, a CSD Report with all safety areas would consist of 12 pages. With Building Blocks, the report will be shortened down to eight (8) pages for five safety areas, and five (5) pages for two (2) safety areas.

A more focused report eases Dialogue and refines Development

The CSD Report is the primary tool during the Dialogue stage of Safety Delta. The topics and questions to be discussed among the crew and between ship and shore are based mainly on the CSD Report.

We expect that a shorter and more focused report will make it easier for the seafarers to use the report in the Dialogue. With a more focused report, the crew can also more easily identify and work on Development initiatives. This also helps the vessel manager ashore to focus on fewer areas in his dialogue with the fleet.

Available now in December 2020

Safety Delta Building Blocks are ready to be rolled out in December 2020. It will be possible for clients to select the safety areas to include in the CSD survey. At the moment, there are five safety areas, but the list will expand as new safety areas will be added.

The SD liaisons and admins will engage with the clients before the start of the next cycle to agree on the safety areas to include in the survey. They may set a yearly plan to ensure that over the course of a year all safety areas have been diagnosed and developed.

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