Coronavirus affects us all

– both professionally and personally. There is a lot of uncertainty and we all have concerns. Being far away from your loved ones and your local community can be difficult in times like these.

The situation requires some crews to remain on board for a longer period as crew change is no longer a routine action. Other conditions on board may also have changed which require extra efforts from the seafarers, personally and professionally.

Taking care of each other

Many crew members are worried and have concerns. Now, more than ever, it is important that a good dialogue exists. This enables the crew to have an open disucssion about things that may worry them.

Use your dialogue skills to talk about coronavirus worries

Sharing concerns and worries with our colleagues and people surrounding us may not remove the problems, but it can help us cope in a better and more positive way.

A way to do this, is to arrange and conduct mini-dialogues among the crew members where they share their thoughts about the coronavirus, how it affects them professionally and personally, and what you can do on board to help and support each other.

The mini-dialogue doesn’t need to involve all crew members in one go. Instead, try to form smaller groups.
When assembling the groups it is important to ensure that the group members feel comfortable with each other.
The groups may be based on nationality, department, friendships, rank, etc.
The mini dialogues can be held in the group members’ preferred language.
After the first group dialogue make sure you agree when to have the next so you keep an ongoing dialogue.

Various subjects in the Safety Delta Learning Library can also help you, for example:

Under safety area ‘Safety Leadership’:

Active listening
Positivity at work

Under safety area ‘Risk Management’:

Team communication

Keeping spirits high

Playing games can give you a break from the hard times. Many seafarers have told us that they appreciate the Safety Delta boardgame. It is a fun way to learn and socialise among crew and across ranks.

If you have the time, you can play the Safety Delta board game – it is stored in your vessel’s Activity Resource Binders. You can select 3 different topics for the question cards and compete against your colleagues.

Allow yourself some fun, and stay safe!

“Oh, no, wrong answer!”

“Yes! I won!”

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