“It’s not a man thing.” How many times have we heard this comment about depression, anxiety, and mental health in general? Sadly, a lot of seafarers still consider these conditions as weaknesses thus discouraging them from being open about how they feel.

With the global pandemic and crew change issues in the picture, our maritime frontliners are more prone to stress and worries. Thus, we hope we could all challenge the misleading “macho culture” that stops us from speaking up about mental health. It takes bravery to embrace these “weaknesses”. Are you brave enough for this challenge?

1. Manage physical wellness.

Start by taking better care of your body. Eat healthy meals and exercise regularly.  Also, avoid drinking and smoking, and try to get as much sleep as you need.

2. Socialise and speak up.

Participate in fun activities such as sports, movie nights, or karaoke. Build stronger bonds with your peers, and do not be afraid to share your worries or concerns. On the other hand, if you notice any colleague who might be suffering from depression or anxiety, invite them to group activities and encourage them to share their worries.

3. Increase mental health awareness.

With more knowledge about mental health, we are more able to promote positive well-being for ourselves and help those who are suffering from mental health conditions.

Safety Delta helps!

Safety Delta supports the on-board crew in increasing mental health awareness and promoting their health and well-being. We encourage all crew members to take the Dialogue stage as an opportunity to speak up about how they feel, share their worries, and discuss ways to maintain positivity on board.

In the Safety Delta Learning Library, you will also find useful resources to help you be better informed of mental health factors and stress management techniques. Check out the subjects Mental health awareness and Stress management to learn more.

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