This is a different approach, they have to communicate more, and the answers are not given on beforehand – a great difference to just following procedures. Everybody is on board with this and engage.
Rasmus Snejbjerg - Vessel Manager at TORM

“During the 3 last contracts I think we have improved a lot on the safety culture, for example by using Safety Delta. Especially the hazard wheel – when we have the morning meetings and toolbox talks in the engine, we go through all the tasks to be done this day – as we have always done – but then we try to select jobs which we go through with the hazard wheel as the tool – what risks do we foresee.

That also gives all of us a safety language, so when we talk about a specific risk, they have heard it before and it becomes more routine to use those words. Finally, we talk about a job they have done the day before and ask if they learned something new or follow up with some feedback on improvements.

So, Safety Delta has definitely moved our safety culture forward. It’s about getting everybody on the bandwagon, and not always do things the usual way. (Chief Engineer, TORM)

Proven effect

Since 2018 TORM has subscribed på Safety Delta. Data gathered over three years (see figure below) clearly shows a positive difference in the safety performance – as perceived by the seafarers themselves. The proactive and continuous focus on specific safety areas and behaviour related to the daily work on board has kept the seafarers’ attention directed towards their own performance and challenged their perception of how well they are performing in reality. They are the active passengers on the voyage setting the course and are not being told by someone in the office what to do.

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