In the beginning seafarers were reluctant to participate in this safety reporting activity. But once they do it, have a good experience and gain confidence from this, then it’s easier for them to voice out their opinions and ideas on other matters.
- Chief officer at China Navigation

“CNCo has been working with consultancy firm, Green-Jakobsen, on enhancing our approach to safety over the past couple of years.

Our Zero Harm campaign was rolled out to our fleet, and introduced in our main corporate offices in 2018. This phase of the campaign aimed to progress our safety culture from that of being compliance driven to one of being behaviour-based.”

To ensure that all crew members were involved, the workshops were designed to be repeated every two months or after crew changes where 25% or more of the crew members have been relieved. (2018 CNCO Sustainability Report)

“We are attracted to the Safety Delta concept of vessels autonomously assessing safety culture mindset; it’s an important next step to keep the programme alive”

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Ida Krogh
Ida Krogh
Consultant, Safety Delta Product Manager

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