AB Jai is busy doing work when he hears a loud noise. He looks around and finds OS Peter unconscious and pinned on the ground by a 90-kg cylinder. He rushes to OS Peter and calls the others for help. Later, OS Peter is taken to the hospital. Thinking that this is a learning experience that others can benefit from, AB Jai decides to take a photo and posts it on social media. Little does he know that his seemingly harmless post will trigger complications for him and his colleague as well as damage his company’s reputation.

What exactly happened next? Watch the full animation from the Responsible use of social media learning package on the Safety Delta Learning Library (SDLL) to find out.

The perks and perils of social media use

We all use social media. For the on-board crew, social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are a means to connect with families and friends back home. Social media also offer various informative and entertaining contents which can ease loneliness and boredom.

However, inappropriate and excessive use of social media can be damaging. For example, checking your social media feed while doing your job might jeopardise safety at work. Also, being glued to your gadget all the time can lead to social isolation and decrease interaction with your crew members.

How to practice responsible use of social media

To maximise the benefits, it is important to practice responsible use of social media. Below are some tips linked to learning materials in the SDLL.

1. Increase awareness of responsible use of social media

According to research, more than half of the global population or 4.62 billion people use social media actively. Nonetheless, not everyone is as conscious of their social media behaviours. Acknowledging the dangers of social media use can help us exercise diligence online.

The learning package called Responsible use of social media provides Safety Delta users with timely resources to increase their awareness and practice responsible behaviours associated with the use of social media. The learning package contains brief handouts as well as learning activities, animations, and videos for all ranks.

2. Think once and twice before you post

Just like the AB in the scenario earlier, we might have good intentions for posting content on social media. However, the vast reach of social media exposes even harmless contents to the twisted perception of other users. Still, what we can do as responsible social media users is to reflect before we post, share, or engage on our social media feeds.

The Responsible use of social media: Think before you post brief introduces the set of reflective questions as a guide.

Think ONCE. If you answer Yes to the questions, it is best not to click on the post, share, or engage button at all. What do you think TWICE stands for? Check the brief in the SDLL to find out.

3. Be a role model for others

How leaders use social media is likely to be recognised and adopted by their subordinates and crew members. Leaders can be good role models by creating awareness of and following the company’s social media policy. Also, leaders can create opportunities for social interactions such as playing team sports or engaging in casual talks to minimise the risk of isolation due to the excessive use of social media.

In the SDLL, you will find an activity called Scenarios which presents common on-board situations related to the use of social media. By conducting this activity, the crew can identify and practise behaviours aligned with the company’s social media policy.

Social media have reshaped the way we communicate and consume information in the digital age. But just like in any other platforms, we have control and responsibility for how we use social media. Why wait for “harmless” posts to evolve into big problems? It’s time to take action.

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