Dialogue (or Safety Dialogue) — the second stage in the Safety Delta process.
Green-Jakobsen A/S (or Green Jakobsen or GJ) — maritime consultancy offering ship owner-, operators, ship management companies and maritime entities a unique combination of skillsets that encompasses all aspects of managing the human element in shipping.
Direct negative feedback (or direct criticism or direct corrective feedback) — provided frankly, bluntly, and honestly. It often contains/uses upgraders or words that strengthen the criticism such as absolutely, totally, indeed, too, and strongly
Hazard identification wheel (or hazard wheel) — a visual reference or tool to guide you in hazard identification. The hazard wheel consists of two circles, one for situational hazards and the other for energy hazards. The outer circle of the hazard wheel represents the situational hazards, which are associated with working environment. The inner circle of the hazard wheel represents the energy hazards that are associated with various forms of energy from objects and substances.
Indirect negative feedback (or indirect criticism or indirect corrective feedback) — provided softly, subtly, diplomatically. It usually contains/uses downgraders or words that soften the criticism such as kind of, a little, sort of, somewhat, and a little bit
Proactive safety culture — where individuals within a company or organization seek insight for improvement opportunities; best safety practices are integrated in work processes; and intervention happens frequently
Safety Delta (or SD or Delta Safety or SafetyDelta) — a cost-effective tool to build a proactive safety culture
Safety maturity assessment (or SMA) — the process of identifying the strengths and weaknesses in a company/organization safety culture and practice. Read about one of SMA clients here
Safety maturity level —  can be generative, proactive, calculative, reactive, or pathological. Want to know your organisation’s safety maturity level? Contact us















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