Since 2012 Green-Jakobsen has worked together with Stenersen, which is a family-owned tanker company that has existed since 1974 and that has operated a fleet exclusively consisting of chemical and product tankers since 2002. Since the beginning more than 40 years ago, the company has grown considerably when it comes to the number of vessels in operation, number of employees and the management services being provided.

Strengthening the leadership capacity - first step of the journey

It all started with leadership training, as Stenersen wanted to improve the leadership skills of both office staff and officers on board so, Green-Jakobsen delivered the first leadership courses in 2012. They wanted to strengthen their leaders to become vital players in achieving the company business goals and live the values to become a ‘Reliable Partner’ which is still Stenersen’s mission.

But Stenersen’s ambitions did not stop there and in the period of our collaboration, we have helped them develop and strengthen their business strategy, elaborate a Stenersen company code, delivered safety and leadership courses, workshops, seminars, and since 2019 Safety Delta is onboard all their vessels.

The leadership courses changed a lot in our company, especially for the leaders on board and also ashore. We also see a lesser culture difference since we started the leadership courses. These courses have had a tremendous effect in our company.
Stian Haugland - HR Manager at Rederiet Stenersen

Building a Just Culture on top of everything else

Stenersen acknowledges that improving (safety) performance means that all initiatives from strategy development and embedment, safety evaluation and training, and leadership development must go hand in hand and must constantly be kept alive. Therefore, they wanted to build a project on top of all other initiatives to ensure that learnings, tools and systems are interconnected and keep playing a vital part in the execution of the everyday tasks to maintain a very high safety culture.

We started leadership training ten years ago and then we added Safety Delta, Safety I’s, leadership courses version 2 - all these initiatives have defined the safety culture and where we are now. All these programmes have helped us go in the right direction.
Stian Haugland - HR Manager at Rederiet Stenersen
One of the strongest points in Stenersen is how we develop our people – how we try to lift them with values-based decision making – and connect it with all the trainings we give them. The consistency is the strongest point in our development – even if some of the training seems repetitive, it evolves. The trainings provided ten years ago are still related to the trainings we give now.
Dan Nartates - Owner's Representative, Manila at (Stenersen)

Stepping up and being accountable nurture a just culture

Over the years Stenersen has managed to create a very good in-house company safety culture, and there is no doubt by the Stenersen management that this is due to the many good initiatives we have launched together since 2012.

To tie everything together even more, a Safety-I’s campaign has been launched ashore and on board, and this was followed up by a Just Culture face-to-face course for the shore-based staff. Next step is to launch the Just culture course as an online course to all officers and pumpmen in the company. Finally, a 1-day Just Culture session for 80 officers was held in October 2022.

In a just culture people are accountable for their actions and the organisation has a learning culture. The philosophy is to connect the Safety-I’s and all taught leadership theories, tools, and mindsets because together they strongly support the Just Culture principles. The way the conference participants were able to display their understanding of “stepping up”, “being accountable” and use the Safety I’s proves that Stenersen is certainly heading in the right direction.

The Just Culture Response app developed specifically for Stenersen by Green-Jakobsen is available for all crew members for quick and easy reference to the tools supporting the just culture. The app was also in use during the conference.

Observe and respond to good behavours

One of the ideas is to help the leaders constantly review behaviour among the crew members and be able to respond whether it be to excellent or poor behaviour. To be able to do that, the leaders must know how to observe behaviour and the criteria to take into consideration when responding to the observed good or bad behaviours. For this purpose, they have the Quick Response Map to help them.

The material – tools and handbooks - was simplified in such a way that everybody can understand it! It was not confusing, no, everyone can understand and use it – even if you are not from our company you will get on board our ideas.
Dan Nartates - Owner's Representative, Manila at (Stenersen)

Stenersen's achievements

From top management to crew members, all seem to have understood the mission of these initiatives and the organization has been capable of maintaining persistency. Throughout the ten years since the first initiatives were taken, starting with the leadership training, they have had a constant focus on improvement through involvement and engagement.

The maturity level of the people has developed. They have moved from having a dependent mindset to an independent mindset, so the initiatives have evolved the maturity of our people.
Dan Nartates - Owner's representative, Manila at (Stenersen)
At first some of our people would fight back about the culture that we wanted to develop, but later on, when we got them on board, it was really easier to bring across the vision of the company. Now they could understand not just the work on board but also the business aspect of things. Now, when they make operational decisions on board the vessels, they also think about the company because of the tools we have given them and the trainings they have attended – the leadership courses, the safety behaviour courses and now the Just Culture.
Dan Nartates - Owner's representative, Manila at (Stenersen)

Here you can see a small extract of Stenersen’s Just Culture conference with highlights from some of the activities they did.

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