Introducing Safety I’s™

5 guiding safety behaviours

On the basis of research and experience Green-Jakobsen has developed a behavioural concept with the purpose of providing shipping companies and its employees with 5 guiding safety behaviours – the Safety I’s. These Safety I’s behaviours should be translated and shaped into daily practice and be directing for the way of working together.

The Safety I’s™ can be described as both organisational and individual safety culture fundamentals that are applicable for any organisation.

This video briefly explains the Safety I’s behaviour:

INSIGHT - Seeking and sharing knowledge

Ask questions and be open to others' knowledge
Seek new insight
Share your knowledge, skills and experience at all times

INNOVATION - Continuously thinking of new and better ways of doing

Challenge routines and evaluate safety practices
Be open towards other's ideas and new ways of doing
Drive through on implementing improvement initiatives

INFLUENCE - Being the good role model

Inspire your colleagues with good safety manners
Promote an open and trusting environment for discussions
Accept to be influenced by others, too

INTERVENTION - Backing each other up by stopping and correcting unsafe acts

Serve as a backup and extra eyes for others
Immediately stop unsafe acts
Appreciate others' concern when they interrupt you

INTEGRATION - Prioritising safety at all times and making it part of everything you do

Incorporate safety practices, considerations and initiatives in all work
Embrace safety to become a natural part of your mindset and actions
Acknowledge your role as a safty performance driver
The safety mindsets we have implemented are very strong. Safety I’s give us a common language, we are on the same page and it is easier to communicate about best practice by the use of Safety I’s.
- Technical Superintendent at China Navigation

The purpose of each ‘Safety I’ is to provide the safety leader and employees with safety culture goals and guidance. In short, the Safety I’s™ provide you with:

A shared perception of the behavioural traits to be possessed by all crew members
An understanding of what are believed to be important safety culture behaviours
Safety culture direction
A simple safety maturity assessment tool
Legalised areas to be evaluated and developed by the safety leader
A safety culture terminology
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