At Green-Jakobsen, one of our core values is to make people the focal point for everything we do. We help move people and enable them to get the best out of themselves. This is why we also focus on empowering and enabling individuals who are vulnerable and had a troublesome start in life supporting them towards growth and development.

For more than a decade, we have supported the Laura Vicuña Foundation, Inc. (LVF) in their strive to build the capacities of children in need of special protection through integral education and development. Green Jakobsen and LVF both share the values of empowering and nurturing people, especially young ones.

(We maintain full discretion towards the children by not showing faces or names).

Green-Jakobsen is committed to the vision of LVF of giving Hope a home. Hope is the name we give to every girl who is admitted at the LVF Centre in Cubao, Quezon City. We give Hope a home—a home that gives Hope her basic needs, from food, medicine, shelter, clothing, and most especially love, care, affection, security, identity, education, and development
Sr. Ma. Victoria P. Sta. Ana - Managing Director at Laura Vicuña Foundation

With our continuous provision and support to LVF, we get to help improve the lives of children and youth, specifically the sexually abused, exploited, trafficked, and working children. We support LVF in restoring the children’s faith in themselves, in others and the society and empowering these children to become responsible, productive and self-reliant citizens.

We value Green-Jakobsen’s monthly financial assistance as it beefs up LVF’s very lean budget for food and helps facilitate psychiatric services for the biopsychosocial well-being, healing and recovery of the girls from their traumatic past and for their journey towards wholeness
Sr. Ma. Victoria P. Sta. Ana - Managing Director at Laura Vicuña Foundation

We also spend time with the children—get to know them more, ask how they are doing, and create positive experiences with them.

Aside from financial assistance, Green-Jakobsen arranges activities for the girls like outings, summer camps, and special trips. Such activities mean so much to the girls for it strengthens the bond among themselves and makes them feel the care and warmth of a family
Sr. Ma. Victoria P. Sta. Ana - Managing Director at Laura Vicuña Foundation

In years to come, Green-Jakobsen will stay true to our commitment to helping people, be they adult or young ones, move forward and become the best that they can be.

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