Seafarer feedback gave us 5 improvement opportunities

We gather feedback from the seafarers because our ambition is to make Safety Delta a useful tool for the seafarers. The feedback provides us with first-hand knowledge about how it works for the users on board the vessels.

At the Annual Meeting in May, Ida made a presentation describing the five most important insights achieved in this development process.

We have prepared six short videos with these insights, you can see them below.

Why do we use feedback to develop Safety Delta?

The presentation explains how feedback from seafarers has resulted in 5 new initiatives

Insight 1: Crew change hinders the process

Introducing the flexible cycles

Insight 2: Suvey is tricky

Introducing revised questions

Insight 3: Survey shuts down

Introducing the excel survey

Insight 4: Crew have fun during the game and sit together

Safety Delta helps mitigate social isolation

Insight 5: When the office doesn't care, nothing happens

Involving the shore staff is important

Group discussions

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