What are the five key safety behaviours?

This is a module selected from the Safety Delta learning library.

The Safety I’s behaviours are fundamental for all learning modules. They are specific ways of acting on board that ensures a reliable safety culture.

The 5 safety behaviours are defined by Green-Jakobsen A/S and is a well-proven and well-established safety culture improvement concept. They are the backbone for all safety culture improvement activities as they are essential for a good and proactive safety climate.

The 5 Safety I’s are:

Applying these behaviours can help cultivate the overall safety performance of the vessel.

Here are the positive effects of safety behaviours:

Safety behaviours encourage a positive, open, communicating, learning and trusting safety culture
Safety behaviours offer a safety language and focus enabling crew and office staff to better understand and discuss safety requirements, methods, ideas and principles
Safety behaviours contribute to the embedment of a focused safety culture in which people are accountable and share the ownership for safety and safety development

You can use the Safety I's to start the voyage towards a more proactive safety culture

To begin with, everybody must have a shared understanding of the five safety behaviours. We have prepared some material to guide you.

This Safety I’s description brief introduces you to each Safety I and explains the framework of Safety I’s behaviours.

The animations give you a visible introduction and show scenarios where Safety I’s should be applied.

To start working with Safety I’s, read the brief, view the animations, run the activities and become able to:

Recognise the importance of the Safety I's in the scenarios
Identify unsafe behaviours and acts in different scenarios on board
Identify which of the Safety I’s should be applied in different scenarios on board
Describe how the Safety I’s can be demonstrated

Learn how to use the Safety I's via these guiding materials

Discussing the importance of Safety I's and the behaviours that comprise it, as well as the key points of each behaviour
Animation 1 (5 minutes)
Introducing the basic principles of Safety I's
Animation 2 (15 minutes)
Introducing the basic principles of Safety I's based on cases

Train your knowledge and understanding of Safety I's - Exercises

After reading the Brief and watching the videos you are now ready to try your knowledge about Safety I’s and see how they can be used in your daily worklife.

The two following activities can help you. How-to guidance is included in the documents below.

The first one is a group discussion activity which you can do for example during a safety meeting.
Download the activity here: SI_Group_discussion

The second one is a small game. Print and cut the cards and follow the game instructions. You can make use of this activity at a safety meeting, during recreation, or anytime you find it suitable. Have fun!
Download the activity here: SI_Flash_card_activity



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