As a shipping company you try to benchmark yourself with all kinds of protocol sources, such as Intertanko, Intermanagers, and so on.

There are plenty of forums where you can get an idea of how you are performing, but sometimes you get the feeling that the baseline is simply not always the same – you have people who use another definition and other standards. If you don’t know if you are talking about exactly the same thing, it is difficult to have the same baseline.

Therefore, the Safety Maturity Assessment gives you a real benchmark, which is objective and useful. Secondly, when you look at yourself you are always biased. You are always very good at finding excuses for yourself. Therefore, you have to use an outside party who uses an unbiased baseline. It is very valuable to have an outsider’s view on how you perform, much more than trying to do it yourself.”

We were half the way on the ladder, but if we want to go beyond rules and regulations – if you really want to carry safety in your hearts and let that drive your business – you need people like Green-Jakobsen to help you achieve that ultimate goal.

But, as Erik Green has told us: “it doesn’t matter whether you are ranked high or low; it is how you use it for the future”. We cooperated with Green-Jakobsen with exactly that purpose; we identified the ten elements and a way forward to improve ourselves within these 10 elements.
Niels Vanlaer - at Exmar Ship Management
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