Before we wrap up 2022, we want to take a moment to express our appreciation and thanks to our Among Us readers, those who participated in Safety Delta initiatives, and all our Safety Delta clients.

Thank you for an incredible year! We are so grateful for our continued partnership, and we look forward to serving you again in the new year.

In this special issue of Among Us, we share the top 3 most read Among Us articles and the #SafetyDeltaMoments sent by our subscribers.

Top 3 Among Us issues

1 / Beyond compliance: Integrating human factors management into your culture (Part 1)

SIRE 2.0, TMSA 3, DryBMS. Now that various industry requirements are leaning towards human factors management … is your company prepared? With Safety Delta, we go the extra (nautical) mile to help you comply and beyond. Read more…

2 / No, leaders are not “targets”

The Diagnosis survey is not a performance evaluation for any of the crew, not even for the officers. Low scores simply direct the vessel’s attention to safety topics that should be discussed in the Dialogue stage and key skills that can be developed during the Development stage. Read more…

3 / Beyond compliance: Integrating human factors management into your culture (Part 2)

Imagine facing SIRE 2.0 – and other human factors policies – with confidence instead of stress. How would it impact your crew and company as a whole? As a safety culture tool, Safety Delta inspires you to take human factors management from compliance … to commitment. Read more…

Developing safety culture. . . one #SafetyDeltaMoment at a time

We love to see inspiring stories of safety culture development, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the #SafetyDeltaMoments initiative this 2022.

You did amazing this year!

We often talk about proactive safety, but if we dive a little deeper, how does Safety Delta really impact you?

Every survey taken, every improvement idea discussed, and every development action implemented means that you can…

Work safer with your teams on board.

Assure partners of safe delivery of goods.

Take more active participation in preserving our seas.

And come home to your families safe and sound.

We are grateful that you chose us to be your partner in all these!

Here’s to a stronger proactive safety culture journey in the coming year…

… one #SafetyDeltaMoment at a time.

Safety Delta familiarisation webinar

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Season’s greetings

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