This is the 5th module selected from the Safety Delta Learning Library. It will be available all of February.

In the previous modules, we learned about the first phase of the risk management process. We explored the key actions and supporting tools needed to execute the preparation phase properly.

It is now time to learn about the second phase of the risk management process—execution.

The first key action and tool for the execution phase is to conduct toolbox talk at the worksite.

Conduct a good and constructive toolbox talk

Toolbox talk is a dialogue among team members about the safer and more effective execution of a job. It is done at the worksite right before starting the job. The prepared risk assessment is used as a basis for the dialogue among team members.

For toolbox talk to serve its purpose, it is important to ensure we conduct a toolbox talk that is good and constructive.

In this module, you will learn about a good and constructive toolbox talk: its importance and characteristics. And, ultimately, you will gain insights into how to conduct a toolbox talk right.

To begin your journey to conducting effective toolbox talks, read the brief, view the animation, carry out the activities, and be able to:

Realise the importance of conducting a toolbox talk
Describe what a good toolbox talk is
Recognise how to conduct a toolbox talk right
Practise conducting effective toolbox talks

Acquire knowledge and skill of conducting meaningful toolbox talk via these learning materials:

Read the brief. It explains the importance of conducting a toolbox talk and the five key actions on how to do it right.

View the animation below. This gives you a visible introduction and shows what actions to take.

After reading the brief and watching the animation, you are now ready to try your knowledge about Toolbox talk and see how it can be done in practice in your daily work life.

Discuss and carry out the activities below – these can help you practise your learnings. How-to guidance is included in each document.

TBT_Practical_exercise: Practise conducting a good toolbox talk. Conduct this activity during the toolbox talk for the day’s job. Use the poster for this exercise.

TBT_Flash_card_activity: This activity is a flash card game, which exercises the target learners’ understanding of a good toolbox talk. Print the flash cards before this activity. Conduct the activity after reading the brief and during a safety training.

TBT_Poster: This serves as your guide or reminder when conducting a toolbox talk.

Have fun!

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