This is the 4th module selected from the Safety Delta Learning Library. It will be available all of January.

In our efforts to achieve a proactive culture we can come a long way by the principles of learning before an incident and by ensuring that jobs are well done through the application of risk management principles.

As part of the 3-phase Risk Management process we are looking at the various tools to use to help us in the process. In the previous module, we learned about hazard identification and emphasised the use of the Hazard Wheel.

Evaluate and reduce risks

Making an evaulation of risks involves estimating the likelihood of the risk to happen and the magnitude of its effect on life, property and the marine environment. If we find that the risks are high or unsafe we have to do something to make it safer or at least reduce the risk to a tolerable level.

Controlling hazards is the next thing to do in the risk assessment process. It is necessary to reduce or eliminate risks that are found to be high.

Control hazards with a structured approach

This module introduces the six principles of controlling hazards and their prioritisation. It also provides some practical ways of applying these principles in actual shipboard situations.

To start working with the principles of controlling hazards, read the brief, view the animation, carry out the activities, and be able to:

Understand the six principles of controlling hazards
Determine the control measures to use

Learn how to control hazards via these learning materials

Read the Principles_of_Controlling_Hazards_Brief_learning – It introduces you to the six principles and their prioritisation. It also privides practical ways of applying these principles in actual shipboard situations.

View the animation below. This gives you a visible introduction and shows what actions to take.

After reading the brief and watching the animation, you are now ready to try your knowledge about the Principles of Controlling Hazards and see how they can help you in practice during your daily work tasks.

Discuss and carry out the activities below – these can help you practise your learnings. How-to guidance is included in each document.

PCH_Practical_exercise: Learn how to apply the principles of controlling hazards. Conduct this activity during a safety training. Use the poster for this exercise.

PCH_Flash_card_activity: This activity is a flash card game, which exercises the target learners’ understanding of the principles of contolling hazards. Print the flash cards before this activity. Conduct the activity after reading the brief and during a safety training.

SD-Poster-Control Hazards: Helps you decide on the appropriate control measures tu use as part of the hazard evaluation taking place in the preparation phase of the Risk Management Process.

Have fun!

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