Let us remind ourselves of the fact that performance is the result of our efforts and that humans, of course, play a role—not just a role, but the most important role. However, contrary to machines, human performance is influenced by far more factors, and it is Green-Jakobsen’s clear opinion that we should be very careful not to look at human performance from a mechanical and linear cause-and-effect perspective. Instead, human performance should be treated in a more human and holistic approach, which can happen if an organisation shares the same mindsets based on…

5 key areas that enhance human performance

In Green-Jakobsen, we see human performance as a resource that we can cultivate if we create an open and trusting work culture where people reflect, engage, and collaborate. Such a culture is cultivated if the following five pillars exist and synergise:


tangible behaviours that form a framework for discussions haring insights and ideas that will become “the way we do things around here”


helps team members understand and remember the various steps of any work process


the most decisive factor that ensures a high level of performance because leaders drive performance


constant reviews provide insights and enable us to direct our attention to what matters


represents the way the organisation supports the human resources and provides the structure for employees’ development

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