Safety subjects:

› Situational awareness and understanding
This explains the concept of situational awareness, how to develop it, and what signs to look for to tell whether your or your colleagues’ situational awareness is affected.

› Office staff as safety culture carriers
This explains the office staff’s role in promoting and encouraging a resilient safety culture and how they can fulfil this role

Safety behaviours
This discusses the importance of developing and embodying exemplary safety behaviours, as well as the key points of each behaviour explained in a concrete context.

› Risk management for onboard and office personnel
This explains the importance of risk management and the best ways of doing it.

› Hazard identification
This presents what situations or factors present possible hazards and should be considered in the risk assessment, and introduces the Hazard Wheel – a visual reference in identifying hazards.

› Controlling hazards
This discusses the six principles of controlling hazards and their prioritisation and provides some practical ways of applying these principles in actual shipboard situations.

› Toolbox talk
This explains the importance of conducting a toolbox talk and the five key actions on how to do it right.

Stopping unsafe acts
This takes you through the importance of stopping unsafe acts, the barriers for doing it, and some ways to both make you confident to interrupt and make the interruption acceptable to the person involved.

Work debrief
This deepens your understanding of the concept of work debrief, how it benefits you and the team, and some guide questions to ask when conducting it. Finally, you will find example scenarios wherein these guide questions are used.

In-demand safety course programmes:

» Safety Behaviour Workshop 

» Three-phase Risk Management  

» Safety Mindset Course 1

» Safety Mindset Course 2

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