As shipping companies struggle with world shortage of seagoing personnel, and especially of senior officers, the wish to retain the best talent is more challenging than ever.

Seafarers as well as valued shore personnel will stay in the companies where they feel included, heard and supported in their career decision-making.

Green-Jakobsen has the experience to support their clients in managing and developing their seafarers and shore staff with a long-term view.

"From Green-Jakobsen we get experience they can provide us with, which has been implemented at industry level”
Iason Hatzakis - Qualitty Assurance & Development Projects Officer at Thenamaris

Crew satisfaction and employee engagement surveys

We have tailor-made surveys, which run from crew satisfaction and employee engagement, to employer branding and leadership evaluation. It allows the employees to speak up and provide feedback to their employer and which can result in actionable plans that assist companies in following-up on their personnel’s ideas.  We assist you in facilitating that process impartially with our wealth of experience in understanding seafarer and shore staff concerns.

Thorough induction ensures strong employer-employee bonds

Green-Jakobsen also supports its clients in developing induction programs that suit their culture and characteristics, in order to create strong employer-employee bonds from the very beginning. Linking induction with the company’s performance evaluation process ensures seafarers and shore staff alike are nurtured by the company’s values, and developed from within.  HR processes are integrated meaningfully in order to develop your people.

Furthermore, we help design training and development initiatives to improve your staff competence levels. Focus on building resilient safety behavior using our SAFETY DELTATM programme and our expertise in leadership skills development are just some examples of how you can benefit from our practical and flexible approach.


How can we help you?

"While recruitment is traditionally the tool to distinguish and select the best applicants, Green-Jakobsen supports companies to develop their seafarers’ competencies from the moment of induction onwards, so that their performance becomes really valuable"

Maria Progoulaki
Maria Progoulaki
Regional Representative, Senior Consultant

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