Since 2019 BW Shipmanagement and Green-Jakobsen have worked together on a Leadership Programme. It aims to tie all BW’s safety initiatives together.

In the Leadership Programme the participants attend a series of leadership modules, starting with defining their leadership profile which helps inform a personal development plan. The course provides leadership tools to be applied in the everyday work, a mentoring tool, a quick guide, and the leaders’ development is followed up in the BW performance appraisal system. 

The Leadership Programme has been run as an online course for several years and is planned to run continuously in 2023 and 2024.

Leaders become aware of their leadership role

During a talk with Mr. Bradley Pereira, Head of Crewing, BW LNG he states: “This course is something new. Our leaders see this as a positive thing to help them in their role when they are on board. Everyone likes and values it, from the senior-most captain to the newest recruit”.

When the course was planned and developed together with Green-Jakobsen, a blend of the BW values, the BW competency framework, and Green-Jakobsen’s course framework made up the foundation. The idea was that the leadership course should address how an ideal leader should be, taking everything into perspective, not only shipping aspects but also human factors. Several departments were involved and contributed – the head of crewing, the head of HSEQ, the head of Technical for LPG, and the head of HR. 

Getting a senior officer to attend a 4-day course during his vacation is a challenge, everybody values their vacation. But our seafarers, after taking the 4-day course are thankful that they got the opportunity to attend and look at it as a time well spent in developing themselves.

Why embark on a leadership development programme?

Some years ago, BW conducted a safety culture survey, and saw that two identical sister ships delivered three months apart performed very differently. One of the ships was in the top two while the other was in the bottom.

BW wanted to find out why and realised that it was because of the difference in leadership style on board the two ships. The ships use the same procedures and manuals provided by the company. But because of the different leadership style and how it was implemented on board, the safety culture was showing a gap. The gap between the low performing and the high performing vessels has been now reduced. BW sees that as a marker of change and that they are on the right track.

What change do they want to achieve?

The outcome we want to see is a uniform leadership style. This course is also run for office staff, so this will help us have a uniform leadership style on board all vessels and in the office. Change takes time, but we are taking the right steps to get there.

The value of the leadership courses in relation to the future requirements in TMSA and SIRE 2.0

The TMSA Element 14, puts the human element aspect in focus, involving leadership and people performance. 

For BW, when we respond to our oil majors about how we are offering leadership courses in compliance with TMSA and element 14, the BW visible leadership course plays a very important role in answering the question: ‘How does BW comply’. One of our oil majors did a limited TMSA audit focusing on human factors and Element 14 and was very happy to see what we are doing regarding leadership courses. The collaboration with Green-Jakobsen brings us to the forefront in implementing leadership courses for our seafarers. I believe this BW Visible Leadership course brings a lot of value to BW LNG to show compliance with TMSA element 14”.

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