It makes so much sense that safety is part of our core values – why weren’t they always? It highlights that we are not only profit driven – we are also safe.
Andreas Greve Jørgensen - Head of Global Operations at TORM Tanker division

At the launch (of the safety culture programme) I was fully in agreement with the safety focus, which is important for all tanker companies. Safety needed to get back on the top of the priority list again, so it was the right thing to do.

I was in doubt whether all of us, including the top management, would maintain the focus. But now that the safety programme has run for a couple of years, we can feel it running in our veins.

“There has been a remarkable development in TORM. We have changed a lot. How people from Technical and Operations are now physically placed has eliminated the gap between the two departments. When we have a potentially unsafe situation, we are fully aligned on how to deal with it and discuss what we can all do to prevent this unsafe situation and make a safe operation.

I think it shows how we have penetrated the entire organisation with a safety mindset”. (Senior Operations Manager, Tanker Division, TORM)

Industry know-how

Green Jakobsen's strength lies in their ability to integrate their concepts into the client organisation, also looking at trends outside the industry.
Allan Dan Jensen - Marine HR Officer, Development at TORM

“They do this by tweaking their knowledgeable, structured approach – without compromising their principles – to match your company culture

They create this balance of using industry know-how with thinking out of the box, taking an open mind and holistic view.

They sit alongside you – they are your guarantee – and you have the feeling you end up with tangible tools you can use.

Their approach is honest.”

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