Thome Officers’ conferences worldwide have featured Green-Jakobsen trainers conducting a 70:20:10 module for an hour for a group of 30 officers and shore staff combined.

At the time, Thome was challenged when it came to getting their people see the light in terms of putting the 70:20:10 principle in practice.

So what we decided to do was to use Hazard Identification as a simple topic to diagnose and remedy.

Having researched the audience, it was realized that irrespective of seniority, many people had a minimum understanding of the difference between a Hazard and a Risk – which ultimately meant an improvement was needed in Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation.

By introducing the Hazard Wheel and explaining it’s contents, we asked participants to practice its use by choosing a simple work task example on-board a ship.

After the module, a senior seafarer was bold enough to say in the closing of the conference amongst a gathering of 150 members:

They create tangible tools you can use
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Allan Raymund Olano
Allan Raymund Olano
General Manager and Consultant

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