A cost-effective leadership training solution

A cost-effective training solution was requested by Norbulk for their training needs in leadership behaviour, cultural management and soft skills. The ‘shore-based’ course route was not the one they preferred to take.

A series of webinars was designed and specifically the following topics were chosen;

Encouraging crew to speak up/Corrective feedbak
Team leadership/Team Communication
Cultural self-awareness
No blame culture

First, a pilot course was conducted for the office staff in Riga and Glasgow and next, a webinar course plan was  drawn up to be rolled out for their officers in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, etc. Hence, no need for travel and accommodation costs and a group of happy officers are gaining new knowledge and tools for leading their crews.

6 groups have completed this training so far with each group having a maximum of 8 participants and more webinars have already been scheduled.

Many thanks for the training. Very interesting. Enjoyed the content
- Senior Officer at Norbulk
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Allan Raymund Olano
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