The Human Element - what lies behind those two words?

In order to understand how we can make our people the best asset in our safety performance improvement journey we must look at people’s ways of doing while they are operating equipment, tools and working in varying environments and under different conditions.

Life is a continuous process of adjusting your ‘ways of doing’ to match the needs of the present situation. Conditions, life, people, environments, state of mind continuously change. ‘What you need’ always exceeds ‘What you have’. Seen from a human element perspective behaviour is of course a key parameter. But what impacts behaviour? And what do we need to keep an eye out for if we want to utilise the full human potential and thereby achieve a better ability to ensure ‘What we need’.

For many years Green-Jakobsen has been involved in many human element related projects. An important learning is that to manage the human element we need to have a deeper understanding and a richer vocabulary than is available in our everyday language. The human element is more than two words and if you are in position where you need to influence the human element, a strong subject insight will help you do your job.

If you want to impact the human behaviour - where do you start?

This first online course (first out of six) about the human element focuses on how we can better understand what impacts human behaviour and why we continuously need to discuss our behaviour if we are to ensure ‘What we need’. As always, I will present a bit of theory, some methods but also some practical advice and tools.

During the six online courses, we will discuss human limitations and potentials and I will present methods on how to overcome e.g. human bias, prejudice, unfocused thinking and attention, performance overrating and many other things.

I look forward to seeing you.


Friday the 21st January 2022


09.00 DK time (GMT +1)
Course duration: Approx. 2 hours


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