Dealing with the Human Element / Human Factor is something that many of our customers are struggling with. An important learning from the many projects we have been involved in is that we need a deeper understanding and a richer vocabulary than is available in our everyday language. The human element is more than two words and it is vital that multi-disciplinary groups are involved in activities to deal with the human factor and become human factor champions. In any leadership role you have an impact on your colleagues, and you need to be visible, conveying information and encourage input to actions related to human factors. These courses will help you do your job.

As a leader you have the responsibility to help your people minimise errors, and you must promote and develop an open and learning culture where people feel safe to speak up. To succeed in that we need methods, tools and training to assess conditions that shape human performance, especially in safety-critical tasks.

The courses will give you a better understanding of the human element/human factor

This series of courses will discuss human limitations and potentials. Leaders have an important role in promoting a human factors approach, and companies need to build their capacity to understand and implement this approach.

We will provide leaders with tools and processes  that can help them manage people related situations and promote a culture where we act before anything goes wrong. Hence, we will present methods on how to overcome e.g. human bias, prejudice, unfocused thinking and attention, performance overrating and many other things. Examples of questions being addressed are:

If you want to understand and impact human behaviour where do you start?
To ensure a proactive (safety) behaviour how can focused thinking help in safety-critical tasks?
How can I help avoid human complacency and enable people to resonpond effectively in challenging situations?
While at work, where do we direct our attention so that our behaviour is appropriate and thus manage risk and reduce mistakes?
As a leader, what can I do to impact others’ behaviour and shape human performance in safety-critical tasks?

Each course will have its own focus area and provide you with theory, tools, methods and principles. Also, we will be referring to maritime case stories, experiences, services and feedbacks where our way of thinking has ensured the desired effect. Our Safety Delta statistics will also be brought into play.

All six courses can be conducted for leaders in your company

There are no open courses available at the moment.

Call us if you would like us to conduct some or all of these human factor champion courses in your company.

Course duration: approx. 1.5 hours per course

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