The maritime industry has for many years been discussing the human element – it’s impact, limitations, flaws and strengths, but what do we really know and understand about it?

For many years Green-Jakobsen has been involved in many human element related projects. An important learning is that to manage the human element we need a deeper understanding and a richer vocabulary than is available in our everyday language. The human element is more than two words and if you are in a position where you need to influence the human element, a strong subject insight will help you do your job.

The courses will give you a better understanding of the human element

During this array of online courses, we will discuss human limitations and potentials and I will present methods on how to overcome e.g. human bias, prejudice, unfocused thinking and attention, performance overrating and many other things. Examples of questions being addressed are:

If you want to impact human behaviour where do you start?
To ensure a proactive (safety) behaviour how can focused thinking help the process?
How can I help avoid human complacency?
While at work, where do we direct our attention so that our behaviour is appropriate?
As a leader, what can I do to impact others’ behaviour?

Each course will have its own focus area and provide you with theory, tools, methods and principles. Also, we will be referring to maritime case stories, experiences, services and feedbacks where our way of thinking has ensured the desired effect. Our Safety Delta statistics will also be brought into play.

Book all five courses, or one at the time

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March 12, 2021
The Human Element – ‘What you have’ versus ‘What you need’

April 9, 2021
The Human Element – Pragmatic safety to achieve ‘What you need’

May 7, 2021
The Human Element – Human thinking to achieve ‘What you need’

June 4, 2021
The Human Element – ‘What you need’ is subjectivity

September 3, 2021
The Human Element – The above average syndrome – human bias and prejudice


Course duration: approx. 1 hour per course

Next available start date
07 May.2021 9:00 am


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