The long work hours and monotonous routines coupled with homesickness and the limited opportunities to relax and socialise make seafarers prone to mental health problems or illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Without mental health awareness, it can be very challenging for seafarers to maintain a positive outlook and deal with the stressors.

Through this course, participants can recognise the importance of mental health awareness and learn the common mental health issues and their causes. The course also presents the different ways to prevent, spot, and address mental health problems. A well-informed and educated crew are better able to take care of their mental health and assist their colleagues who may be suffering from mental health problems.

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What our participants say about the course

“I am more aware of how stress can affect your colleagues and yourself and how to react if someone is suffering from mental depression. We generally just ignore that or overlook that aspect. There was quite a bit of learning from the course.”Captain, India

“Most of us senior officers say; Okay, we cannot go into that person’s private life – it can sometimes be rude and unprofessional. On this course, we learned how to speak with a person and someone from your staff if he or she has a problem – how to reach that person without being rude or in the wrong way. We now have a technique on how to speak and try to solve that problem. This subject was very interesting to me. ”
2nd Engineer, Croatia

“It was really informative and helpful. I have faced a couple of mental health issues on my ship, so it was really helpful.”Captain, India

“Mental health is not a subject we deal with so much on an everyday basis. We do have the ‘macho culture’ on board – “we will manage, don’t show weaknesses”. So, it was good to get some input on handling that.
Chief Engineer, Denmark

Course duration

Approximately two hours.

Course schedule

Course duration is approximately two to three hours and can be scheduled specifically for your company.


EUR 120.00

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