This fifth and last maritime leadership course gives you tools and guidance on how to set goals, appraise, and coach your team towards their better performance and continuous development. It also allows you to reflect on and improve your leadership capacity.

You may take the courses in random order to find the most suitable course schedule for you.

Modules in this course

Appraising performance

Performance appraisal
Performance appraisal is a systematic and qualifying evaluation of the crew’s performance and potential. It is mainly aimed at developing the crew and identifying what it would take to prepare them for rehire and promotion. This topic explains the importance of conducting appraisals to grow and nurture the team, the process, and steps of doing the appraisal on a continuous basis, and the best practices for observing performance, giving timely feedback, and driving improvements.

SMART goals
Setting goals is one of the many ways to provide oneself with a target to aim for, a direction to follow, a motivation for doing more and better, and a clear focus to put efforts and resources into. This topic deals with setting personal and professional goals based on the SMART principle.

GROW coaching
Coaching is a means to guide people in either improving their knowledge and skills or developing new ones. Through coaching, the person being coached is helped to set goals and look for the best way forward to achieve them. This topic deals with the importance of
coaching and utilising the GROW model as an effective coaching tool.

Knowing yourself II

Personal profile analysis
Self-awareness or ‘mirroring’ means examining yourself. It helps you improve and develop your personal and social behaviours needed for you to become an effective leader. It boosts your desire for development and keeps you growing. This topic introduces you to a personality profiling tool that can help you know your strong and weak sides in relation to the job you have to perform.

Human job analysis
After you get to know yourself better, understanding the ideal profile for your job comes next. When you fully understand the required behaviours of your job, you can acquire or develop those behaviours. In this topic, a tool that you can use to determine the ideal profile for your job is presented and practised.


We deliver this course with a learning path and by using a learning approach based on collaborative and reflective learning. Our learning management system, YourHeadway, can be applied to manage and ensure progress in the learning path.

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3 days or 6 hours/day

We reserve the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 6.

Price discounts if you wish to register multiple participants:

2-5 participants – EUR 800
6-15 participants – EUR 700
16-20 participants – EUR 600

Full company course:
Max. 20 participants – EUR 10.000

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