This course helps you acquire more advanced aspects of leadership and set them in motion. Such aspects include how to be engaging, supporting as well as guiding force for the team and how to create a trusting work culture.

You may take the five courses in random order to find the most suitable course schedule for you.

Modules in this course

Handling difficult situations

Conflict management
Conflict is bound to happen in any workplace. But it is not always a bad thing. How you handle conflict determines if it will result in a constructive process or be harmful to the working environment and the people involved. This topic helps one to look at conflict in a
positive way, identify the different types of conflict, and handle them the right way.

Appropriate assertiveness
Being able to express your thoughts, desires, and concerns respectfully, sincerely, and constructively in the face of a potential conflict or stressful situation is being assertive. In this topic, the importance of leaders’ and team members’ ability to communicate assertively in times of conflicts or stressful events is discussed.

Management of change
Management of change refers to the strategic, tactical, or operational ways to implement change as smoothly as possible, with minimum or no resistance from the affected individuals and stakeholders. This topic presents the types of changes that are commonly implemented on board, the stages most people go through as they adjust to change; some of the most common reasons why people resist change; and the tools to counter resistance to change.

Just culture
One may think twice to report an issue or an error committed by yourself or someone else if you know that someone will be blamed or
punished unfairly. But in the long run, unreported issues may worsen the situation or cause more problems. This topic describes a just culture, how to create an atmosphere of trust, and the ways to ensure everyone knows what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.

Social media awareness
The internet has become an integral part of life at sea and is welcomed by many seafarers. However, the responsibility that entails their engagement with the internet is rarely discussed or questioned. This topic is about the positive and negative effects of social media. It also discusses the extent of responsibility and legal rights of users and the different social media platforms.

Making decisions

Decision-making techniques
Leaders and team members make small and big decisions to solve various challenges in their work and personal lives. While some decisions can be made easily, most can be handled better if a more logical and structured approach is utilised. This topic revolves around the process of decision-making, including the different factors, styles, tools, and best practices to consider in various situations.


We deliver this course with a learning path and by using a learning approach based on collaborative and reflective learning. Our learning management system, YourHeadway, can be applied to manage and ensure progress in the learning path.

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3 days or 6 hours/day

We reserve the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 6.

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