This course helps you increase your awareness about what cultural as well as mental health challenges exist in a multicultural workplace and how to understand, analyse and deal with them.

You may take the courses in random order to find the most suitable course schedule for you.

Modules in this course

Understanding cultures

Cultural awareness and bias
It is important to develop cultural understanding to improve communication across cultures during work and off-work time aboard. Further, understanding cultural differences and similarities, and reaching a cultural self-awareness level help the crew avoid and manage conflicts caused by multi-culturalism. This topic discusses the importance of understanding the meaning of culture, defines stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, and provides the general guidelines and techniques for analysing and becoming more aware of your own and other cultures.

Caring for people’s wellbeing

Harassment and bullying
Accepting and respecting each other’s differences is important to maintain a harmonious relationship among crew members of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and cultural orientations. The fact that you live and work together with the same persons for several months makes the ship vulnerable to interpersonal conflicts, such as harassment and bullying. This topic discusses harassment and bullying. It also gives examples of these behaviours and how to find ways to stop such inappropriate behaviours towards colleagues.

Stress and fatigue management
Stress and fatigue are major concerns on board ships because they have an impact on the crew’s physical and mental capabilities, which in turn, may pose safety and health risks. This topic enables you to recognise the importance of managing stress and fatigue
on board ships. This helps you identify the common causes of fatigue and the types of stress. Moreover, this gives you knowledge of the various guidelines and strategies to address stress and fatigue on board ships.

Mental health awareness
Crew members who are well-informed and educated on mental health are capable of taking care of themselves and assisting their
colleagues who may be suffering from mental health problems. In this topic, the importance of mental health awareness; the common mental health issues and their causes; and the different ways to prevent, spot, and address mental health problems are discussed.

Leading teams

CIA Interpersonal needs
When leaders encourage their team members to speak up, it promotes an atmosphere of empowerment, involvement, and confidence among the team. This topic explains how CIA Interpersonal Needs theory relates to creating a speak-up culture where everyone is free and safe to express themselves and is appreciated for doing so.

UPI team leadership 
It takes an effective team leader to achieve the best from every team member. Recognising each other’s strengths and involving them during the early stages of understanding and planning stages will make them more committed to the team. An effective leader strives to establish an environment that allows all team members to build on their knowledge, skills, and attitude. This topic introduces the UPI model that can help one in bringing out the best in every team member and ensure their full commitment until the actual implementation of their goals and plans.


We deliver this course with a learning path and by using a learning approach based on collaborative and reflective learning. Our learning management system, YourHeadway, can be applied to manage and ensure progress in the learning path.

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