This is Module I out of five courses and it gives you insights into leadership beliefs, theories, and elements. It also presents practical tools that help you in understanding your role as a leader and improving your leadership competencies.

Each Maritime Leadership course is a theme on it’s own and participants will get a complete learning from each course.

You may take the courses in random order to find the most suitable course schedule for you.

You can try our Maritime Leadership I before you book more courses. We give you 40% introduction discount on this ML I course.

Modules in this course

Leading people

Leadership mindset
Framing and nurturing the right leadership mindset is a challenge for those already holding leadership positions and those who are just starting up in their leadership roles. It requires continuous reflection on how they deal with every situation and reality at work. This topic provides insights into the different tried and tested qualities and beliefs that make a good leader based on people’s perception.

Key elements of leadership
Even though some individuals seem like they were naturally born with a capacity to lead, everyone can learn and develop the characteristics, traits, and skills that form the foundation of leadership. This topic presents components that are key in good leadership: direction, awareness, openness, atmosphere, and action.

Leadership ladder
Among the key factors to achieve effective leadership is investing in leadership development. To facilitate their leadership growth successfully, leaders need to be fully aware of where they are on their leadership journey and where they go from there. In this topic, the leadership ladder, its steps, and its use as a guide for planning and strategising long-term growth for leaders are explained. Some ways to step up the leadership ladder are also discussed.

Leadership styles
There is no single best style of leadership. For leaders to become effective in their leadership role, they need to be continuously aware of the prevailing circumstances, profile, perceived level of competence and commitment of a team member in a particular task. In this topic, the ‘Gauge and Adjust’ model is presented as a guide in showing flexibility with one’s leadership styles.

Knowing yourself I 

Johari window
The Johari window is a simple and useful tool for understanding oneself and how to contribute to the achievement of the team’s goals. Through this, individuals become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and how to better utilise their capabilities when dealing with other people. This topic presents the Johari window and its effective way of utilising it in improving self-awareness, leadership, and teamwork.

Self and role-awareness
Individuals who are fully aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses have a greater potential to become effective leaders. In the same way, when they recognise the positive behavioural indicators of an effective leader, they will be in a better position to acquire or develop those behaviours. This topic explains the importance of role and self-awareness and the tools to make a personal and job profile.


We deliver this course with a learning path and by using a learning approach based on collaborative and reflective learning. Our learning management system, YourHeadway, can be applied to manage and ensure progress in the learning path.

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