Pirates, boat refuges and the pandemic are just some of the disasters and crises that were not described and predicted by the ISM, TMSA, SOLAS or any other system. Masters and senior officers had to manage these crises with none or only limited support from training, drills and procedures. Good seamanship, experience and perhaps blind luck are good companions in these events, but the outcome is often not what was hoped for. In hind sight, some things could always have been done better. However, there are methods and approaches which can be used to manage and lead in a crisis. These can be taught and trained, just like any other skill.

This course enables Masters, senior officers or other leaders to handle a crisis without having made a contingency plan ahead. It enables the participants to work with methods that are universal and can be applied to different kinds of crises. During the training, participants will be introduced to methods and standard approaches to manage a crisis. Furthermore, we will introduce various scenarios that the participants will need to handle together. Finally, participants will learn to debrief and asses how the organisation and department can learn from the event and prepare for a similar event in the future.

The course is facilitated by a crisis management expert, Jens Sørensen from Marquard Consulting.

Knowledge, skills and competences gained from the course

  • How to prepare yourself, ship and crew for a crisis
  • Executing a sound crisis management approach
  • Prioritise your actions
  • Scenario modelling: escalate your crisis management capability during a crisis, bridge management during a crisis
  • Communication: how to communicate vital information
  • Briefing: how to brief your crew, office and officers
  • Business continuity: get the ship and crew back on track
  • Debriefing of ship, company and crew
  • Legal aftermath
  • Learning from a crisis

Course participants

This course is for ship masters, senior officers, rig managers or other leaders who are working at a
ship or offshore installation.


The course takes 4 hours.

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