We have set the date for the 2022 Safety Delta Annual Meeting and look forward to seeing all our Safety Delta clients at this event.  As in the previous year, the meeting will be conducted online. We hope to see you on January 27, 2022.

You may register* for either of the two sessions:

SESSION 1 – starts at 08:00 Copenhagen Time (Athens 09:00, Mumbai 12:30, Singapore/Manila 15:00, Buenos Aires 04:00)

SESSION 2 – starts at 13:00 Copenhagen Time (Athens 14:00, Mumbai 17:30, Singapore/Manila 20:00, Buenos Aires 09:00)

*Please note that the time indicated in the Registration is in Copenhagen Standard Time.

Each session will last approx. 4 hours.

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For questions or concerns, you may contact the Safety Delta Admin Team

You may e-mail your questions about the Annual Meeting to: safety.delta@green-jakobsen.com.ph 


We are currently finetuning the agenda under the headline:

Best practice and engagement: Maximising the effect of Safety Delta 

This is what it looks like so far. The final agenda will be sent to all participants prior to the meeting.

1) Safety Delta – proven and documented effect

1.1) We look at the effects that have been documented on the basis of several years of Safety Delta involvement – what can we see from the reports and feedback on fleet level?

1.2) What improvements can we expect to see on fleet level and on vessel level – how do we identify them?

Group session

2) How can we maximise the effects of Safety Delta? 

2.1. Using the building blocks

We will take you through the features of the Building Blocks – safety areas that are subject to your development focus – and discuss their benefits. We will also discuss who and how to select the safety areas for the next cycles and how planning the combination of areas can be done in the best way.

We will introduce you to three new safety areas that are new building blocks in the Safety Delta concept

The choice of areas influences the report – also the annual report. We will discuss the importance of looking at the relevance of the subjects and trends across the fleet.


2.2. How can we get the crew to appreciate and use the SDLL better than today?

Group session


2.3) Placing Safety Delta responsibilities in the organisation

The office staff plays a vital role in the Safety Delta cycles. But who in the office is the best to support the vessels and how do they do it the best way?

Case presentation, interview with Safety Delta responsible coordinator from one of our SD clients.

The new report format shows the differences in the ranks’ perception. How can this information be utilised in the dialogue phase?


2.4) What we hear from the vessel side

During our ongoing communication and dialogue with the vessels – we give you an insight in the crews’ stores and concerns.


2.5) How do we keep focus on maximising effect?

We will keep you updated on the ongoing communication to staff and crew involved in Safety Delta activities:

  • The structure of the Safety Delta Familiarisation webinars has been updated – a service that is useful for both new and existing clients
  • The Safety Delta Mobile App can elevate safety training activities on board – we will give you a brief presentation and updateContinuous dialogue with the vessels by the Safety Delta admin staff
  • Among us newsletters and Safety Delta moments shared on social media – what do they contribute with?

 3) Safety Delta and OCIMF guidelines (and the expected TMSA3 Chapter 14)

This will be a point specifically targeting the tanker segment, but all interested parties are of course welcome to join in. Safety Delta plays an important role in that perspective and this discussion will highlight where it turns out to be particularly strong in meeting requirements. 

We will prepare a separate event focusing on this subject, so this will be a taste of how Safety Delta can contribute to the coming requirements.

Next available start date
27 Jan.2022 1:00 pm


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